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Ron Paul: Texas Republican Primary




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Using the excuse of a law suit, the delay in Texas primary was no accident. It was delayed for a reason. The reason is, Republican party establishment hates Ron Paul. They want to block Ron Paul’s nomination as the Republican candidate for 2012 presidential elections in United States, even at the expense of losing these elections to Democratic nominee and Incumbent president of United States, Barack Obama. It is no secret that Mitt Romney is critically unpopular among extremely important Republican party base, Evangelicals. Conservative and strong tea party group doesn’t like him, either. I cannot, and certainly many Americans and Republicans, imagine winning a so closely tied election without the passionate support of these key Republican voters.
Ron Paul hits at the bases of critical issues. He does not get involved and wastes time in political bickering, typical of lobbies controlled, so called, mainstream politicians and media. He cuts to the chase and says that useless, baseless and orchestrated wars are causing us loss of lives, bad name and enemies in the world, budget deficits, trillions in debt, bad economy and jobs loss. Let us just stop these unconstitutional wars. Restore the constitution and only let congress to declare the war, if our national security is threatened. We do not need orchestrated wars like Korean war, Vietnam war, Iraq war, Libyan war and involvement in Syria. We certainly did not achieve anything in Korea. North Korea is still well and alive, has nuclear weapons and is building and launching their own satellites. Everyone knows Vietnam war was a lost war. Iraq is still a mess, even after our troops have left it, after facing so many losses. Afghanistan is not getting anywhere, so far.
Worst of all, the war mongering corporate lobbies, sold out politicians and corporate owned big media are still not done with their agenda. They are still trying to orchestrate another extremely dangerous war with Iran.
Since Pakistan ran it’s first five nuclear tests on May 28, 1998, we have been consistently and intensively hearing that these weapons of mass destruction can fall into the hands of religious extremists and terrorists. They will attack India, they will attack Israel, they will cause nuclear threat to America, it’s western allies and the world as a whole. Tomorrow is the fourteenth anniversary of Pakistan’s first nuclear tests and nothing even close to it ever happened. On May 25 2009, North Korea tested it’s nuclear weapon. Similar uproar was raised against it’s testing, too. North Korea will attack South Korea. It will undermine U.S. security, security of our western allies and the world as a whole. Three years have passed, nothing like that happened. Vietnam never threatened world security. As a matter of fact the only country that has ever caused massive destruction with WMDs is United States. Not once, but, twice. Iraq never had WMDs. Nobody knows where the hell Libya is heading to, after Qaddafi. No one knows who are the people leading Syrian uprising. Unfortunately and surprisingly, lots and lots of American are still falling for the propaganda that is being done to wage a war against Iran. Guess, if there is a war with Iran, who is going to pay the bill. Of course, the tax payers like you and me. Above all we don’t even have money for another war. Our ever increasing national budget deficits, pilling up debt from not very friendly countries like China, high unemployment rate at home, looming healthcare crisis due to returning Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and declining value of dollar, resulting into increasing cost of living, does not allow us to start another war.
Beside all this, Iran is very different from Korea, Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan. Iran has huge military force, which is very well equipped with killer weapons, most of which were provided by us during it’s war against Iraq. Iran manufacture’s, locally, most of the parts for it’s existing weapons. Iran also manufactures advanced technology weapons like medium range missiles, locally. Plus, Iran has all the money to afford an extended war and buy nuclear weapons from a country like North Korea, in case of a war. Iran also has large number of sleepers in countries like United States, ready for activation orders. Beside a large military force, Iran also has very large paramilitary militia of religious extremists, who have no problem doing acts like suicide bombings anywhere in the world. Iran lies right at the, strategically, very important oil route and can easily cut the oil supply of western nations, in case of a war.
Can we afford another trillions of dollars of war debt? Can we afford at least 9 dollars a gallon of gas and the rationing of gas? Can we afford another economic crisis? Can we afford further decline in the value of dollar and an ultimate crash of our currency, replaced by Chinese currency, as the international standard for exchange and reserves? Can we afford further rise in cost of living? Can we afford the unemployment rate reaching, as high as over 21%?
Do these war mongers have answers to any of these questions? Does corporate owned big media ever asks then these questions in interviews and debates? Of course, not. Why? Because corporate owned media has no nationality. They are multinationals. They have no care for humanity. Because they know that rich and powerful have always survived and thrived off the crises, and they will survive and thrive off this crisis and war, too. This will provide them an excellent opportunity for jacking up the prices and profiteering. They will make huge money with arms sales and defense contracts. Banks will sell high interest loans to f’ed up governments. So, what they have to loose? Nothing. It is the people like you and me who will die, who will pay the price, who will pick up the price, cost and pieces of a destroyed world and it’s economy.
Ron Paul is the only major leader in our national politics, who understands and cares about these hazards of past, present and future wars.

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