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Ron Paul For President 2012










Our country was built on the golden principle of liberty and freedom for all. Unfortunately, thanks to the money, power and influence driven politics and big media, this precious principle was thrown aside. Instead of liberty and freedom for all, we were made slaves to big multinational corporations and their lobbies. They have messed up our economy and finances, time and time, again. Yet, they are allowed to get away with it, every time. Instead, of putting these criminals into jails, who messed up the whole world’s economy, we rewarded them, unconstitutionally, of course, with trillions of dollars tax payer’s and borrowed money, which us and our next generations will have to pay off. Corporate welfare has become a continuously bleeding wound. I mean, conservatives talk about individual welfare all the time, but, they totally ignore a much more amount of tax payer money being regularly spent and wasted on their corporate bosses, who pay for their campaigns and lavish expenses, through their rich and powerful lobbies.
People are finally realizing that this must be stopped, immediately. We must stop doing unconstitutional bailouts for the world’s richest and most powerful corporations with tax payer money. You know, when they are successful the executive take all the credit for their success, with multi-million dollar salaries, benefit, bonuses and severance packages. But, when they mess up, the media and politicians, controlled and paid for by corporate lobbies, make us believe, if we do not bail them out, the sky will fall and every one of us will be in serious trouble. Ron Paul is giving voice to this concern for thirty-six years. Why do they get credit for all the success, but, not for failure? Why can’t they just file bankruptcy like everyone else, instead of spreading the fraudulent notion of too big to fail.
Nothing is too big to fail. Seriously, think about the fact, what could have been worse then that already happened and which is still happening. Millions of people lost jobs and homes; millions of hard working people were left with nothing in their retirement portfolios; 14 trillion dollars lost in devalued assets; we had to borrow billions of dollars for China and other country. At the top of it, the banks we bailed out are not even lending money to anyone. Small businesses and start-ups are still devoid of capital, they need to build and grow their businesses, so that they can hire some people and reduce unemployment. Big corporations, including the banks that got tax payer’s money, are still laying off people, instead of hiring them.
Two trillion dollar bailouts and seven trillions spent by fed, which seriously depreciated dollar and are causing the inflation, the crunch of which everyone is feeling, now, even if you were never laid off and continuously maintained a full time job. Prices and cost of living keep rising up due to the devaluation of dollar, caused by these bailouts and lose monetary policy of fed. 8.6% people are still unemployed. Take a deep breath, think about it and then give a honest answer. The sky did not fall anyways? Could it be any worse, if we did not bailed them out? What purpose these bailouts served except the big cash balances for big corporations? Their reckless buying sprees aimed at killing the smaller and honest competitors? Golden parachutes for criminal executives? Huge bonuses to people who should have been in jail?
They certainly did not significantly improved employment rates? They did not control the inflation and cost of living? They did not improve the landing practices for individuals and small businesses?
We must pull our brains, our thought process, our judgments, our decision making and our attitudes and behaviors from the over influence and control from corporate owned media and corrupt politicians. I know, we have a very dangerous trend and which makes us practically blind. It making decisions on ideological bases. I am going to defend him or her, under all circumstances, no matter what, just because, he or she is a Democrat or Republican, rightist or leftist, conservative or liberal, tea party or occupy, regardless of anything, even if it is a total denial of reality and facts. We must open our eyes. Start to look around a little bit. I mean, we can go to hundred different stores to buy the right item at right price. Why can’t we research the facts a little bit and then make our decisions based on these facts. In this age of electronic and communication revolution, we really are not left with any excuse. We do not have to buy and read expensive encyclopedias and books. We just have do a few searches on any major search engine and facts could be right there for us to be found.
Unfortunately, we have built a culture, under the influence of corporate owned media, in which someone can proudly say, without any hesitations that he or she never follows news. “I don’t know anything about this political crepe”. Yet, when things go wrong and we and our families are badly hit by worse circumstances, implications and consequences of bad politics, we blame everyone else, except ourselves. Who’s fault is it, if a complete idiot gets elected for president, senate, house, governor or mayor? We all had an option to work for and vote for the right person. Instead, we chose the lazy and easy option. To not find out the facts; to not work or vote for the right person; to act and work under the influence of ideological blindness. To hide and cover-up our laziness and ignorance, we come up with the lamest most ridiculous excuses: This is how we have always voted; my family or ancestors or my town has always been Democratic or Republican; we have always hated liberals or conservatives. Is that the way it is supposed to be. We created and allowed this whole array of free media, just to have better informed citizens and voters. So that we can make better and informed decisions. Rather then providing the cold hard facts to the people, media became totally commercialized and a money game, completely driven by their advertisers and sponsors. Instead of telling us the truth, it became a competition on, who hides the truth better, who twists the facts better and who deceives the people better. Piittttyy!! Isn’t it?

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