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Ron Paul For President 2012, Part 3







While I agree with most of the Ron Paul‘s commonsense agenda like liberty, Fiscal conservatism, revolutionary changes in monetary policies, non-aggression, small government, there are certain points that bother me and I think they are the major hurdle for him in getting significant support from left and middle, in spite of many common grounds. Things like bringing God into secular constitution and politics, taking away choice and liberty from women, closing borders in contradiction with constitutional requirements, rolling back sixteenth amendment, cuts in SCHIP. There is no doubt that our constitution limits government to the minimum, when it comes to individual liberties and business regulations, but, even from his Godly point of view we have a responsibility for sick, disabled, old, kids and unemployed, because economy is in recession and there are no jobs available.
If we are for small government, then, why enforcing the abortion laws is not big government? If we are for individual liberties, then, why would we limit the liberty and choice of a woman? This is where bringing religion into politics creates contradictions and this is how it always starts and goes on for ever. Once started this process has no end. Even if we look on our own history, what we see today did not happen in one day. Some religious and other activists came out and said, we have enough freedom, there is nothing wrong in taking away this little bit of freedom. It will actually make things better and will also make God happy. People said, okay. But, once that door was opened, there was no end. One after the other government kept taking away and restricting the individual liberties and freedoms.
By qualification, I am also a physician and I was born in a third world country. I have a direct and deep knowledge of misery that families and kids face as a result of uncontrolled reproduction, mainly because of religious restriction and bans. As the flag bearers of liberty, we must be extremely cautious about providing such loop holes to the governments. If government control is good for one thing why can’t it be for the other, and another, and another, and on. and on.
Restrictions on immigration are also not American. During the days of constitutional superiority, our borders were totally open. Only difference was that there was no welfare system. So, only hard working, smart and self-sufficient people came through our border. A very large proportion of people coming now is for free lunch. If we take away this free lunch, then, those people will automatically stop coming and we will have not need to violate the constitution. This country is built on immigrants and we cannot keep our leading position in the world and meet growth requirement without the influx and absorption of highly competitive immigrants.
I love the parts of his agenda, regarding the gradual abolition of federal reserve, and income and capital gain taxes. Constitutionally, Fed and these taxes have no room in our society. They do not make any sense from economic, financial and individual liberties points of view. Immense devaluation in the value of money, brought by centralized government banks, not just in United States, but, all over the world, is a huge cause of our miseries. Unfortunately, most people do not understand that money and wealth can never be generated out of thin air. The trillions of dollars that federal reserve generates to fund and bailout the multi-billion dollar banks and corporations, come from the pay cuts and the garnishing of our income. The resultant devaluation of money, loss of buying power, decreased business revenues, lost jobs and recessions are price through which these bailouts and funding is financed. We work hard for lesser and lesser reward, just to keep the big, rich, dishonest and inefficient corporations and banks get going.
We also need to end our police of the world role. Having military bases in hundred and thirty five countries and keep waging one war after the other, only benefits the defense contractors and military complex investors. If costs lives, breaks down the families, earns us a bad name for us, creates enemies and above all we cannot afford these, anymore. The biggest argument used in this matter is that we will continue to be the messengers of good and will continue to fight evil. Trust me, we can be much better messengers of good and can fight the evil in a mush better way, by peacefully setting up an extra-ordinary example of individual liberties and freedom.
As a whole, if we compare Ron Paul with any of the candidates, currently in presidential race, Ron Paul has the most comprehensive, common sense, and most constitutional and American plan. Ron Paul knows the bases of our problem and he is vowing to fix those basic issues. Growing influence of money and power on our politics; excessive and ridiculous spending on wars and welfare; Federal reserve being above and beyond the laws of this country and insane printing of money causing serious devaluation of money, rising cost of living and doing business, loss of revenues, unemployment and inflation; totally unconstitutional income and capital gain taxes, and IRS harassment based on these taxes; expensive, useless and unending wars on drugs and prostitution. These are the things, where the deficits are coming from, causing us a debt which is now almost the 100% of our GDP, a whopping 16 trillion dollars. Worst part of this is that the greatest proportion of this debt is coming from countries like China, which are not so trustworthy friends. Actually this is the real threat to our national security.
I like when Ron Paul doesn’t care about corporate owned, so called mainstream media and sold out politicians, and takes a firm stand on tough issues like, Iran for example. Many of us have lived long enough to remember this way of fear mongering, starting from Korean war, then Vietnam, then Iraq, then Libya and now Iran and Syria. It always starts with propaganda about serious and sensitive issues like national security, threat to world peace, human rights, etc. etc. Then it comes down to our solemn duty to save the world.

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