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/r/FinalFantasy is looking for new mods : FinalFantasy

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The small mod team over here at /r/FinalFantasy is looking to grow and take this subreddit in a new direction. We’d like to give this subreddit a face lift and bring some new life into discussions and content, and as such, we are looking for 3 new mods.

We are looking for moderators that can fulfill any of the following duties:

1) Someone with design credentials who is willing to do a custom stylesheet for the sub. It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy, but getting a nice header and logo up there and working with the colors and buttons and such is a minimum. If you’d like to take on this position, please send me some kind of portfolio of your design work or another subreddit you have styled.

2) Someone who would create and organize discussion threads of various topics on a fairly regular basis (every week or two). Ideas could range from "thoughts on Final Fantasy 7" to "weekly newbie/questions/recommendations thread" to "favorite moogle." You’d need to come up with one or two recurring ideas for threads and other one-time threads and post them up with regularity.

3) Someone who has some ideas for "events" and other community engaging ideas that go beyond simple discussion. Organizing AMAs, group Let’s Plays, contests, etc.

4) Someone with big ideas. There is plenty to do beyond these things outlined above; if you’ve got ideas and would love to implement them, post away!

As with any mod position, in addition to the above you’d also have the thrilling opportunity to help clean up the spam filter and reports every once in a while and deal with other day-to-day stuff.

If you are interested in any or all of these tasks, please post here mentioning which, and post any other subreddits you may currently moderate and how old your Reddit account is. Design portfolios/experience can either be posted here or messaged to me privately, whichever you prefer.

edit: This will be open for at least a week, we want to review as many candidates as possible.

edit edit: As suggested by /u/heymrk, if you would prefer to apply in private, you can send me a message with the same info, you don’t have to post it here.

via /r/FinalFantasy is looking for new mods : FinalFantasy.


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