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Reminders and suggestions for new subscribers. : weddingplanning

Drive a Ferrari 458!

Hello again!

Just a few reminders and suggestions here!

The holidays are a huge time for engagements, so plan to expect an influx of users between now and after NYE.

When using this sub, please search first and look in the sidebar at the FAQ for the question you’re asking before making a post. I know it is overwhelming and exciting, but everyone here has been there and a lot of your questions can be answered by doing those two things.

Make sure you have a question or some kind of point to your post. A lot of times I will remove posts because it’s just a lot of rambling that probably belongs in a blog and not here. Try to include a TL;DR at the end if you’re submitting a massive wall of text and also use the formatting to keep things readable.

If you submit a gallery (imgur) link, or a website link, it has to be approved by a mod. Every single time. All links go to our filter because of how much spam gets submitted here (you’d be super surprised!). We don’t approve everything, and we have our reasons, mostly being links with no context. We do not approve links to blogs/personal websites/fundraisers etc.

If you’re looking for something very region specific, please make a post on the subreddit of that city/state/country. For instance if you want information on venues in Sageville NC, go to r/sageville (not a real place to my knowledge) and post there. The chances of better, more knowledgeable responses are so much greater and saves you time in the long run.

One more reminder about redditquette: be respectful. If you disagree with someone, just disagree and move on. There is no point in arguing over why you think peonies are the best wedding flower and why roses suck. Along these lines, keep your rude comments to yourself. I will not hesitate to remove people who are catty and rude for the sake of being that way.

Thanks to everyone who make this sub so great! Excited for the new year!

Happy Holidays and New Year to you all!

via Reminders and suggestions for new subscribers. : weddingplanning.


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