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[/r/doommetal chronology] 1990s recap, and last chance for adding 90s stuff! : doommetal

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Here’s what everyone posted for the 1990s:


Asbestos Death – Nail – submitted by /u/MaxRenn

Solitude Aeturnus – Mirror of Sorrow – submitted by /u/Yehann


Autopsy – In the Grip of Winter – submitted by /u/palmmoot

Melvins – Boris – submitted by /u/cmpb


Candlemass – Where the Runes Still Speak – submitted by /u/palmmoot

EYEHATEGOD – Depress – submitted by /u/this_time_i_mean_it

Sleep – Dragonaut – submitted by /u/cmpb


Cathedral – Phantasmagoria – submitted by /u/tomrockett

Cathedral – Ride – submitted by /u/MaxRenn

Earth – Seven Angels – submitted by /u/oqiwehijaqdhkasjdbak

EYEHATEGOD – Blank – submitted by /u/o0banky0o


Electric Wizard – Behemoth – submitted by /u/palmmoot

Floor – Chelsea/Pigs – submitted by /u/yuesor

Grief – Earthworm – submitted by /u/_kellermensch_

Melvins – At Stake – submitted by /u/o0banky0o

The Obsessed – Streetside – submitted by /u/zitronante

Pyogensis – Symbol of Disgrace – submitted by /u/this_time_i_mean_it

Solstice – Only the Strong – submitted by /u/1550797


Anathema – Kingdom – submitted by /u/thatool

Paul Chain – Sepulchral Life – submitted by /u/palmmoot

Electric Wizard – Electric Wizard – submitted by /u/cmpb

Skepticism – Pouring – submitted by /u/cmpb


Boris – Absolutego – submitted by /u/1550797

Eternal Elysium – Sunrise Again – submitted by /u/microphaser

Katatonia – Brave – submitted by /u/thatool

Neurosis – Through Silver in Blood – submitted by /u/tonearm

Saturnus – Paradise Belongs to You – submitted by /u/Pyrelord

Scald – Night Sky – submitted by /u/thatool


Esoteric – Creation (Through Destruction) – submitted by /u/palmmoot


While Heaven Wept – Thus With a Kiss I Die – submitted by /u/palmmoot


Abdullah – The Sickness Unto Death – submitted by /u/this_time_i_mean_it

Acid King – Electric Machine – submitted by /u/Yehann

The Atomic Bitchwax – Gettin’ Old – submitted by /u/MrKerfuffle96

Corrupted – Sangre/Humanos – submitted by /u/palmmoot

Reverend Bizarre – Pyramids of Mars – submitted by /u/dinghie

Sleep – Jerusalem – submitted by /u/MaxRenn

Sunn O))) – Dylan Carlson – submitted by /u/cmpb

Type O Negative – Everything Dies – submitted by /u/BigNickTX

So there we are, then. Overall, a good showing for the 1990s. Please let me know if there are any mistakes or omissions. Also, a note: this chronology is for songs only, full albums aren’t being included (unless the full album is just one song).

We’re well into the 2000s now, and after this week, we will do 2010 to the present (and feel free to post songs from 2014-2019 if you are in possession of a time machine).

Doom on! \m/

via [/r/doommetal chronology] 1990s recap, and last chance for adding 90s stuff! : doommetal.


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