Yamaha YPC32 Student Piccolo


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Pick up the piccolo with ease. The Yamaha YPC32 student piccolo lets beginners and doublers move into this beautiful new range of sound smoothly. This is thanks to features like the nickel silver lip plate. If youre wanting to switch between the flute and piccolo flautists prefer to play a piccolo with a lip plate which means adjusting is straightforward. Add great piccolo sounds to your repertoire. Play an instrument you dont need to worry about. The YPC32 student piccolo is ideal for learners with its durable design. Featuring an ABS Resin body you still get the classic look and tone of natural wood but without the fear of warping and damage that usually comes with this. Instead ABS Resin is maintenance-free. Enjoy long playing-sessions outdoors without worrying about harm from temperature or humidity.

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