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A Bear-y Familiar Problem?? Have you ever been so hungry that you felt as though you could eat literally anything in sight: Your friend’s pizza crust, a half sleeve of cookies, or maybe a bowl of piping-hot porridge that you found in someone’s house? Sounds crazy, but hanger can make you do strange things. Just ask Goldilocks. She’s way more relatable than you’d think, because when she’s hungry, she won’t rest until she finds food, and then she immediately has to take a nap. It’s far easier to empathize with those tendencies than with the tendency to complain because your stack of fluffy mattresses was hiding a pea.?? Product Details This exclusive Women’s Goldilocks Costume isn’t too frilly or too plain: It’s just right! The knee-length yellow dress zips up the back and has a built-in petticoat to give the skirt some body. It’s printed with a pattern of small, white bear faces, and decorated with rickrack on its white Peter Pan collar. The attached white pinafore-style apron features an embroidered heart, two functional pockets, and a cute embroidered bear image. It’s trimmed with sheer ruffles to match the ruffles on the dress’s sleeves and hemline. Pin your hair back with the included clip that’s decorated with a light blue bow!?? Sweet Housebreaker?? Most burglars are scary people, but who could be scared of a little girl with golden ringlets who just wants to find a decent bowl of porridge? Apparently bears are the only ones who find that frightening, although if someone came into our house, ate our breakfast, broke our chairs, and slept in our beds, we’d definitely have some questions for them.??

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