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A Halloween Hero The Scarlet Witch has been around Marvel Comics for some time. Because of this, her powers have gone through some waxes and wanes. Her abilities were comparable to an ordinary witch when she first came around. But after some new writers got a hold of her character, they decided to make her a mutant whose ability is to tap into mystical energies, namely Chaos Magic. Display the witch this Halloween with our??Wandavision Wanda Halloween Version MiniCo Figure. FUN Details At first appearance, her mutant gift appears to have the ability to alter probabilities. We found out later that she is actually the avatar for an ancient evil entity. In WandVision, we got a small taste of what she can do. We love Wanda, and even if we didn’t, we’d prefer to stay on her good side. If you are a fan of the character, you will cast a spell for this??Wandavision Wanda Halloween Version MiniCo Figure.

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