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The Collaborative Director: A Department-by-Department Guide to Filmmaking explores the directorial process in a way that allows the director to gather the best ideas from the departments that make up a film crew, while making sure that it’s the director’s vision being shown on screen. It goes beyond the core concepts of vision, aesthetic taste and story-telling to teach how to effectively collaborate with each team and fully tap into their creative potential. The structure of the book follows a budget top sheet, with each chapter describing the workflow and responsibilities of a different department and giving insights into the methods and techniques a director can use to understand the roles and dynamics. Each chapter is broken into four sections, section one provides an overview of the department, section two focuses on directors who have used that department in notably effective ways, section three looks at collaboration from the reverse perspective with interviews from department members, and section four concludes each chapter with a set of tasks directors can use to prepare. Ideal for beginner and intermediate filmmaking students, as well as aspiring filmmakers and early career professionals. This book provides invaluable insight into the different departments, and how a director can utilize the skills and experience of a crew to lead with knowledge and confidence–

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