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Telestrations Tribulations We have a tiny problem. We love Telestrations, but we???ve played the heck out of it and our group has increased beyond 8 players. We???ve had to turn people away on our game night, causing us great distress! We thought there was no other solution, but then we found out about this 12 player party pack. With this version, you can increase the number of players and you get a ton more word cards to use! Fun Details This Telestrations 12 Player Party Pack Game is a 12 player version of the classic game. It comes with a deck of cards which feature over 2000 possible words, along with 12 sketchbooks, 12 dry-erase markers, cleaning cloth, a timer, a die, and instructions to play. Rules of Play The game is quite simple to pick up! Simply roll the die and match the number to the word on your word card. Then, you must draw a picture to match the word. Pass your sketch around to the next player and they try to guess what you drew. Pass that around a few more times and it becomes like a classic telephone game. There???s really no telling how wacky the illustrations will become by the end of a round!

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