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Eyes on the Prize Having a keen eye is important when you’re playing to win! Does that card have a clock on it? You’d better double check. What about an anchor? Which card has an anchor? You only have a few second to react, so you’d better find it quick! Oh, now there’s a snowflake. Slam that card down! That’s the frantic pace you’ll have to keep when you play the Spot It! Party Game. Fun Details The game comes with 55 circular-shaped cards. Each one contains various items illustrated on it, including things like snowmen, candles, snowflakes, padlocks, and more. Your goal is to get rid of your cards by quickly matching items on your card to the one on the board. If you’re the first to get rid of all of your cards, you win. You have to be quick though, both with your eyes and with your hands! For Kids and Adults Spot It! is a great game for both kids and adults. Kids love the fast-paced frantic nature, while adults can enjoy the skill involved in quickly locating patterns in their cards. And with a game time of 15 minutes, it’s an easy choice to break out during family game night.

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