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Magical Mystery We’re not certain where Mary Poppins gets her magic. There has been discussion for years about its nature, but after 2 feature-length films, Disney hasn’t given us a solid answer. That, of course, leaves us to speculate wildly about where everyone’s favorite nanny gets her enduring charm! Our best guess is that Mary’s accessories help her channel her magic, assuming they aren’t the original source, that is. Just think about it. Whenever Mary leaves the house to fly into the clouds or jump into chalk drawings she has her carpetbag, umbrella, and hat. There must be a connection… Fun Details Even if her powers have nothing to do with her stylish accessories, we wouldn’t want you to find out the hard way! When you’re dressing as Mary Poppins this Mary Poppins Black Hat is ready to help you complete your magical look. The officially licensed hat is designed to look like braided straw and decorated with the playful, yet classy, daisies and cherries that distinguish Mary’s hat from the rest.?? Practically Perfect Don’t risk your Mary Poppins costume’s magic. With this Mary Poppins Black Hat, you’ll have the perfect accessory to create your own supercalifragilisticexpialidocious look! Just don’t forget your vintage carpetbag and cheeky talking umbrella!

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