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The Llama Light Is your four-legged furry friend a little bit on the dramatic side? Does your pup demand to be in the spotlight at all times? Do they make a big deal out of nothing, like when someone is walking a little too close to the house as they pass by? Well, we think you’ve got a bit of a drama llama on your hands. Now, thanks to this Llama Dog Costume, your melodramatic canine can show their true colors! Our exclusive Made By Us products are not only designed for humans but for animals too. We want the whole family to dress up for Halloween this year, including your beloved pets! This Llama costume will transform your doggo into an entirely different creature. Fun Details Their makeover starts with the upright ears on top of this costume. It is also designed with tons of colorful tassels that are attached to the sides of the costume as well as around the face opening and neck area. A vibrant rug design is sewn onto the back of this adorable outfit giving your pup some more fun colors to run around in! March proudly around town with the whole family this Halloween. Host a pet-friendly costume party. Enjoy celebrating your favorite holiday with your favorite furbaby!

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