Women’s Plus Size Kansas Girl Costume Dress


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A Long Way from Kansas?? Goodness, what an odd sort of day you’re having! First you had an argument with your mean neighbor over your sweet little dog, then one of those pesky cyclones came barreling down the prairie, then your house whirled up into the air with you in it, and finally you were set down, house and all, in the middle of the strangest land you’ve ever seen. And uh oh – it looks like the house landed on an evil old lady. The little people who live here are already making up a song about how glad they are that she got squished. Anyway, it’s interesting but you’ll want to find your way home. Put on the old lady’s shoes and go on a grand adventure with three new friends. You’ll learn that home was with your every step of the way!?? Product Details?? Go adventuring in style when you wear this exclusive Plus Size Kansas Girl Costume! The pullover polyester dress is one piece designed to look like two so that it’s easy and quick to put on. The top half is styled like a white blouse under a blue pinafore, with shoulder straps and a waistband decorated with faux buttons. The floaty blue skirt ends at mid-calf and swishes beautifully when you skip down a yellow brick road.?? There’s No Place Like Home It’s wonderful to have exciting experiences meeting wizards in the company of unexpected friends, but it’s even better to go home to those who love you. If you can keep any witches from getting their talons on your shoes, you’ll be back home in a jiffy!??

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Kansas Girl Plus Size Costume
Women’s Plus Size Kansas Girl Costume Dress


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