ET Power Idolz Wireless Charging Dock


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All Charged Up With Somewhere To Go Your extraterrestrial pal ET wants to phone home. However, in this new day and age, landlines are virtually nonexistent. Instead, everyone has smartphones. While they are much more convenient than the retro corded home phones, there is one drawback. You have to make sure that your personal cell phone’s battery is all charged up.?? As much fun as it is hanging out with your favorite space case, there are a few drawbacks. The FBI is a big one. Sooner or later they’ll catch wind of your starry-eyed visitor. You don’t want that scary bureau looking for you! Avoid all of that by always having a properly charged phone in your pocket. This fun ET Power Idolz Wireless Charging Dock will be perfect. Your intersteller buddy will always be able to phone home and get a lift off our planet before the FBI suspects anything.

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