Darling Spellcaster Witch Costume For Adults


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SPELLCASTING If you could cast spells, what kind of spells would you want to cast? You could cast spells that clean your house or let your teleport around the world or spells that make you look different! You could cast spells that make your rich, spells that make you taller, spells that make you famous. With all of these options, it would be hard to decide where to start. But, lucky for us, we know exactly what kind of spells we would want to be casting.?? We would want spells that make our costumes the best you’ve ever seen. We would make spells that enchant the costumes so that when put them on, you transform into the actual character! That way, if you put on a werewolf costume, you wouldn’t just be a man in costume, you’d be a real snarling werewolf! Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? No one would be able to compete with our awesome enchanted costumes.?? FUN DETAILS?? This costume turns you into a friendly neighborhood witch. You’ll look kind, not scary like some of the witches you’ll see on Halloween. You’ll be wearing a black and dark green dress, with mesh sleeves and a black collar. Over the dress, you’ll be wearing a black belt, because even witches like to accessorize! Lastly, comes your witches hat. No witch costume is complete without the distinct cone hat you see all witches wear. Just make sure you hang onto it when you fly off on your broomstick, we’d hate to see you lose it! WITCH SPELL??? Which witch spells will you be using? We don’t need to know, we just ask that you don’t do anything evil! Witches have some bad reputations, and we think it’s time to remind people that witches can be friendly too! It’s time for you to break the stereotype!??

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