Between hope and history. Meeting America’s challenges for the 21st century. Clinton, Bill: [Very Good] [Hardcover]


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XIII, 178 S. Mit einer Widmung f ยผr Joschka Fischer. – In the three main sections of the book-Opportunity, Responsibility, Community -the President explores the most important challenges we face today: making the American Dream available to every citizen willing to work for it; ensuring that individuals, families, businesses, and government shoulder their fair share of responsibility for themselves and one another; and seeking strength through diversity in a community of citizens united in a democracy whose achievements and glory are unrivaled. America, the President observes, stands at a pivotal moment in its history. At the edge of a new century, we must decide between two visions of America. One vision foresees an every man for himself society that seems calculated to divide our people rather than unite us, to weaken rather than strengthen the bonds of community, to pay lip service to the importance of families without assuring the tools by which families can succeed. It is, the President declares, a vision that is bereft of the simple understanding that in America we must go forward together, and we don’t have a single person to waste. Sprache: Deutsch Gewicht in Gramm: 1550 Originalhardcover mit Schutzumschlag.

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