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GET THE BODY YOU WANT WITH RECIPES YOU LOVE Transform your nutrition and your body by using your favorite protein powder in ways you never thought possible. No matter if your goal is to shed fat, tone up, or get stronger, your nutrition plays a key role in finding fitness success. If you’ve heard the saying “abs are made in the kitchen” you know what I’m talking about! Giving your body the right nutrition and the right foods is crucial. If you think that means eating nothingbut broccoli, brown rice, and chicken or chugging chalky protein shakes, you’re wrong! Loving how you reach your goals is just as important as loving the results. That’s why I put this recipe book together. With 101 tasty recipes you can use your protein powder to make cookies, shakes, muffins, pancakes, and more. By incorporating these treats into your nutrition routine you can achieve your goals deliciously! PROTEIN: YOUR FITNESS BEST FRIEND When you want to burn fat, get toned, or increase your fitness level you need to support lean, toned muscle. Lean muscle helps you burn more calories, look slimmer, and be stronger. But it’s not all about hitting the gym. As an active woman you need about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight! This protein will help you burn more calories, feel fuller, and support your lean muscle mass. But if you’re just relying on chicken and steak for your protein you’ll wind up with a sore jaw and a boring meal plan. With the 101 protein packed recipes in my cookbook you’ll be able to enjoy treats while still meeting your protein goals. My favorite meal of the day is when I get to enjoy a bedtime protein treat like a dirt cup or mug cake. Not only is it tasty, I know it’s what I need to get the body I want. And it’s all thanks to protein!

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