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Governor Rick Perry of Texas is showing, again, on national media that he has no clue about foreign policy and Middle East. After spending over a trillion dollars in Middle east, losing over 4500 military personnel, hundreds of thousands of soldiers with PTSD and other psychiatric issues, tens of thousands injured, about 1.5 million civilians dead and countries like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Egypt totally destabilized, he still wants us to have a military involvement in Iraq. What? Is he totally out of his mind? Or simply does not have any IQ? Stay out of there. It is their mess. Let them clean it. We don’t want even a single penny of our tax payers’ money spent on it.

On the other hand, Rand Paul is very much like his father, Ron Paul. He is wise, intelligent, and knowledgeable, and has a very clear vision. He really cares about his country, American people, troops and tax payers. Contrary to Perry, his views are not driven by cow boyish, egoistic thinking. His views reflect the fact that we have already messed ourselves and Middle East, a lot, and there is no need to do any more of that. Rand Paul is a rising star, and a hope for America’s future.

Iran is a big power in the region. They have lots of weapons, provided to them, by us during Shah’s regime. They have big military and highly trained and charged para-military forces. They produce and manufacture quite sophisticated arms including middle range missiles themselves. In addition to all this, they have oil money and resources, and ability to control Strait of Hormuz, a vital route for oil trade from Middle East to western world. They also have strategic interests in Iraq. Not only being neighbors, Iraq is also a Shiite majority Muslim country. This majority is also ruling post Saddam Iraq.

Contrary to Iran, Iraq is ethnically much divided. Saddam Hussein kept them together, by force, for a long time. Once that force is gone, divisions are becoming more and more obvious. Since, we removed Saddam, a great deal of responsibility for Iraq’s destabilization falls upon us. But, this does not mean that we continue making the same ridiculous mistakes. We have no business in that civil war. They going to have to find a way out of it. Sometimes sad and unfortunate situations exist for a reason. They have these disputes unsettled for centuries. There will be no lasting peace in Iraq until and unless these disputes are settled once forever, even by a blood bath, if necessary.

We funded, and provided weapons and training to ISIS. It is our product. They are one of the groups in so called Syrian rebels. We wanted to have Assad out. He is not out, yet. But, the rebels are already becoming a problem. Deja Vu? Same happened with Al-Qaeda, Taliban, Saddam Hussein, and Muslim Brotherhood. Iran got messed up with similar interventions. Situation in Libya is still very unpredictable. When are we going to learn a lesson? Policing the world is a huge, expensive and very complicated task. No one can ever have enough resources to be able to do that.

Syria is, now, the only country in Middle East, on which Russia has a direct influence. If Russia loses Assad, they are completely out of Middle East. Russia is never going to give up on Syria, unless absolutely no way out is left. China doesn’t want U.S. influence extending to Syria, either. Assad may be a threat to Israel. But, most Arab nationalists view him as the last head of the state in a Middle Eastern country who is out of U.S. influence.

U.S. backed regime in Iraq is mostly Shiite. It has a natural bond with Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. Our tensions with these three major players in Middle East create a very complicated situation from Iraqi perspective. Iran and Syria are ready to enter Iraq with the intent of fight with ISIS. Many reports suggests that they are already in Iraq. If, for example, we decide to do airstrikes against ISIS than first of all there is going to be a lot of collateral damage because ISIS is intermingled in general civilian population. Second of all, in this case, our air force practically becomes Iranian air force.
In addition to all this, reviewing last ten years’ record, there is no guarantee, if there is going to be any success or things are just going to get messed up even more, as it has been happening, so far. A very important thing which many of our politicians and big media pundits do not understand or do not want to understand is that we are, and always will be foreigners in that area. Most people do and will always view us as invaders. Doesn’t matter what we do and how we do? Everyone who is aligned with us will always be considered an American agent.
This essentially renders all U.S. backed regimes in Middle East as completely ineffective. In addition to this, since corruption is very common in those countries, we also get blamed for all the corruption and ethnic discrimination done by those regimes. For anyone with slightest vision and IQ, it should not be very hard to understand, why our involvement is just making things worse. Do you really believe that all this mess really deserves risking the lives of our soldiers and our tax payers’ money? Personally, I could not find a bigger waste. All we have achieved, so far, is even more hate for America.
This discussion should make it very clear that we must go back to foreign policy principles laid down by our founders. Trade with everyone, war with none. Once, we get out of their internal affairs and world gradually starts looking on us as neutral and passionate partners and friends, we can start building equal and fair trade relations with all the countries of world. Equal and fair truly means no trade barriers from either side, and no one dictates terms to others like environmental controls or labor laws.
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