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Obama, Banks, New World Order

Just have a look at the history of tyranny, dictatorships, kingdoms, suppression, and mass murders and wars. You will be, and I hope you won’t be, surprised to find out that all of that had been about government, power, money, control and elitism. The idea that a very small group of people has the right to rule and control the whole world has existed, as back as we can go. So many instruments were invented and adopted to make this idea a reality. Religion, ideologies, divide and rule, and so called ethics and traditions, all have been the key components of conspiracy to not let the people of world to unite, struggle and work together in their own benefit.

Go back to 1770s. What was the problem? Why did we fight with the world’s most powerful kingdom? Why wouldn’t our forefathers be happy with being under the safety and security of the world’s most powerful country? It was because they detected, realized and predicted, much earlier, what most nations of the world would not even realize until after the world war two. The global movement of people freeing themselves from the tyranny of colonialism, which basically started after world war two, and as a result of which, most nations of the world freed themselves from suppression of colonial powers, took place much earlier in United States. Why? Because, most people who came here, were the ones who ran away from the injustice of these colonial powers, to a new world, in the hope for freedom and liberty.

When the people of this newly conquered, free continent realized that their dream world was being taken over and enslaved by same crooks, they joined their hands together and took the solemn oath of not letting this happen to their new homeland. That was a huge undertaking. Taking on the world’s greatest military myth was not an easy task. But, they were ready to fight and risk everything for freedom and liberty. They declared, we are born free and will remain free. God did not give us birth to be the slaves of the powerful and rich. They were not ready to hand over an enslaved country to their kids and future generations. Anyone who looked at the numbers, in terms of men power, arms, technology, money and other resources, would have called George Washington and his followers, and army of freedom fighters, sheer crazies.

But, they were not crazy. They were fighting for a higher and bigger cause, freedom and liberty for all. Who ever was trying to make and keep, God’s free creatures, slaves was going against the nature of those people. They were not ready to surrender. They would accept only one end to that struggle and war, victory and liberty for all Americans.
So, their determination and sacrifices paid off. They stunned the world, by defeating the biggest, most powerful, best armed, richest and most resourceful military in the world. This wasn’t a minor incident. Later on, it gave lots of hope to the other colonized nations of the world. They all said, if Americans can do it, we can do it, too. So, after world war two, most nations in the world, let themselves free of colonialism.

American story did not end at the victory in battlefield. The nation of free and brave proved that freedom and liberty for individuals is the best answer to problems, faced by humanity, as a whole. The nation of free and brave, with enormous individual creativity and invention, just within a span of couple of couple of hundred years, which is a very short period in the history of nations, created the most powerful and the wealthiest nation in the world. This gave great deal of hope to other freed nations and countries and United States, quickly became a global icon and idol, worshiped all over the world. Our principles of freedom and liberty, and Democracy, and Capitalism, and entrepreneurship were rapidly embraced by other countries and nations, one by one.
Do not think that status quo, which was defeated in battlefield, in the ideological war, in the war of principles, and in economics and politics, accepted it’s defeat, so easy. As usual, it kept organizing, kept structuring novel conspiracies, kept throwing the enormous amounts of money, kept playing the power game and kept buying the influential and famous people and figures.
They diagnosed the problem. They realized that the only thing, which made masses free and kept them free of the influence of status quo was their unshakable belief in individual freedom and liberty. If you wanted to capture them, you must take away from them, this fundamental belief.

So, they took some lessons from history. They orchestrated an old game with new labels. They understood that the reason why rich and powerful were able to enslave people. in past, was because there was a very strong alliance between Aristocracy, Theocracy and Bureaucracy. Aristocracy or religious leadership would tell them that the king was their savior. King would tell them they can make God happy only by blindly following the so called word of God, told to them by their priest. Finally, king and lords would hire the most charismatic, most famous and most intelligent people to establish and carry out their orders and rules.
They realized that the old triangle of mass suppression needed to be re-enforced and re-strengthened. Only differences were that kings are replaced by multinational banks, corporations and financial institutions, bureaucracy would now include corporate media, lobbyists and the politicians, sold out to these lobbies, and the target would be the global population, starting from the most powerful and richest economies, and nations and countries. Theocracy would retained it’s role of funneling the masses to these crooks. Making them believe that their salvation here and after depends on giving themselves, their countries, their nations, and their power and wealth, away, to these more powerful and rich people.
To misguide us they invented a very tricky argument. They would confuse and mix up an individual’s rights to life, liberty and happiness, and the right to make money, with the global strangulation of people, nations and countries, by multinational corporations and banks.

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