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Need Iron Man To Rescue?

Right from the inception of Humanity, the history of tyranny is filled with the hoaxes of Iron Men, saviors of the world. The best time for these hoaxes to be created, have always been the times of crises, depression, disappointment, hopelessness and chaos. I mean, just have a look at history, most of the time, everywhere in the world, in every culture, in every ethnic group, in every religion, there came a savior, who said if you totally surrender to myself, promise a blind following, give up all your rights, give me all your money and powers, I will rescue you out of this situation. Time and time again, people in the crisis, out of hopelessness, have surrendered to these iron men and have given them every thing they had. The result has unanimously, without any exclusion, the disaster. Remember, all those who promised to conquer of the world, so called Alexander the great, Napoleon, Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, etc. etc. They all gave this message, in extract, to the masses: You idiot jackals cannot fight this war; you can get out of this crisis; you people are a complete failure; you cannot do anything; you are powerless. Your only salvation lies in me. Give up all of yourselves to me and I will steer you out of this. This is, actually, the enslavement of citizens by government. While, citizens are supposed to be the masters; they are supposed to own their country; they are supposed to steer the ship to their favorite destination; they are supposed to be the decision makers; they, in fact, run the government by paying taxes.

Of course, there have been some exceptions. The fact that life still exists on this planet, is mainly due to these exceptions. These exceptions in history happened when people kept the destiny in their own hands; their leaders were dedicated to them; leaders’ preference was the good and betterment of their people, not elite or powerful or rich or conspirators or covert ambitions; they fought for the cause; for their people. George Washington, French Revolution, Abraham Lincoln, Jesus Christ, Mohammad, are few examples.
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The key to the survival is intelligence. What really differentiates human beings from every thing else on this planet, living or non-living, is intelligence. We are the intelligent being. We have the highest known form of intelligence. We observe, not just see; we think; we analyze; we justify and reach inference or conclusions. We are not supposed to follow anyone or anything, blindly, without thinking about it; without analyzing it; without judging it; without being satisfied about it. Unfortunately, current dogma of, what I call celebritism, created mainly by big media, has made us think and believe the other way. Media creates the idols of personalities, called celebrities and make us believe that our salvage is in worshiping them. Phrases like, Oh I am a huge fan of; I am dying to see him; I love him or her to death; he or she is my hero; he or she is my savior, are all, mostly, indicative of surrender to this notion. I am going to believe every thing he or she says, because, he or she makes very good speeches; because he or she is very good singer or actor or player or talk show host. I have simple question. What does the ability to lead has to do with these qualities? Making good speeches does not mean that person can solve the financial problems. Good singing doesn’t mean that person can steer us out of economic crisis. Good actor doesn’t mean that he could be a good president or governor. Good player doesn’t mean that he is an authority on environment. Good talk show host doesn’t mean that she can tell us all about book reading. Just like a rocket scientist is not a doctor and a doctor is not a rocket scientist; An engineer is not a painter and a painter is not an engineer and a nutritionist is not a fashion designer, these celebrities may have an enormous talent or expertise, but, they cannot be expected to be the aces of every thing. Total submission to someone due to his or her extra-ordinary performance in one or few spheres or specialties, is ridiculous and makes no sense at all.
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But, the worship of celebrities, preached by corporate media and celebrities themselves, has become a new religion. This is why we cannot resolve our differences. Because, Bush can never be wrong, Bill Clinton can never be wrong, Obama can never be wrong, Al-Gore can never be wrong, Limbaugh can never be wrong or Fox can never be wrong, NBC can never be wrong, ABC can never be wrong, CBS can never be wrong, CNN can never be wrong. Although, all of them have been proven to be wrong, time and again. Rather, we should be thinking like, facts cannot be wrong, intelligence cannot be wrong, our conscience cannot be wrong, truth cannot be wrong, fairness cannot be wrong. Unfortunately, under the immense influence of corporate media, most of us are always ready to give up common sense, reason, ethics, principles and conscience for the blind following of our idols. We should be thinking like to err is human and each and every one of us, doesn’t matter how intelligent, how talented, how sincere, how faithful and how strong, can always be wrong. Because, being right all the time, depends on so many uncontrollable factors that it is humanly impossible to have a strong hold of each those factors all the time.
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Get out of this spell. Drastically change this thinking; this behavior; this approach; this method of analysis and this method of reaching the conclusions. Solemnly pledge, right now, that from now on, you will be guided only by facts; by reason; by ethic; by principles and by your own conscience. We can solve our problems, only, by uniting, ourselves, on the universal principles of humanity, love and respect for all, personal liberties and freedom for all, intelligence and reason.

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