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My friend just started selling last week. : trees

So, it’s about 11 pm, and I’m texting every ent in my contacts trying to find a hookup; my normal guy was out. Finally, I get a suggestion to call a friend of mine who recently started selling dank. I go over to his place and, holy shit, he’s got three huge bags different strains laid out on his desk. I ask him the price, he responds "$50 and eighth, but for you I can do $90 for a quarter and $140 for a half, which is literally $10 above cost for me." So, like any right-minding person, I bought in bulk to save some green (while getting a lot at the same time). He goes to weigh it, then turns to me and says "why don’t you weight it out? Take whatever buds you want." So I sit down and weigh out 14 grams of these different strains, picking out only the finest of buds. I put the bag in my pocket and hand him the money. Transaction complete. I thank him, and as I’m getting ready to leave, he asks if I want to smoke before I go. Of course I say yes, and he begins to roll up two particularly fat joints. We smoke one over the sweet sounds of Beach House (check them out if you haven’t) and reminisce over past experiences. As we finish the joint, I realize I have to be on my way. I put on my coat and as I’m walking out the door, my dealer says "here, take this other joint for the ride home" and hands it to me. I couldn’t do more than smile and say thank you.

This was hands-down the best experience I’ve had buying trees from anyone. I hope that all of you ent’s find someone this cool to purchase your trees from. Enjoy your Sunday!

TL;DR – Went to my new dealers place and he hooked me up fat.

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via My friend just started selling last week. : trees.


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