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MOD PSA: I’ve disabled downvoting in the subreddit style and I request that y’all be a little more aware when downvoting. : GuildWarsDyeJob

Bridesmaids Gifts


Spammy! (also report it)

Rude. (also report it)

Questionable content (last pic is GW2-unrelated or something). (also report it)

Comments that are mean (I want this sub to be friendly and PLEASE REPORT THESE).


Ugh I hate ‘asking for help’ questions. (Fine, but you’re making it harder for the OP to ask questions. "Not answering" is a good option for you.)

Ugh I hate black/white/red sets.

Ugh I hate Asuran armor.

Ugh another Sylvari.

Look to the right. The number one rule is "be nice." Downvote and report non-constructive posts; ignore ones you don’t like but that aren’t objectively ‘bad’ by the sub’s rules; and if someone’s asking for help, consider tossing them an upvote so that other people can see their post and maybe give them help.

BUT I TAKE UMBRAGE WITH THIS RULE BECAUSE IT’S NOT HOW OTHER SUBS WORK I don’t really care how other subs work. This is meant to be a lovely little picture/help sub. Downvotes shunt some pictures and almost all questions off of the front page FAR too quickly, causing them to languish.

In bigger communities, downvotes are a necessary curation tactic. This is not a busy sub. We’re not going to be overwhelmed by the weight of posts if people stop instinctively downvoting things.

Thank you kindly,

your mod.

via MOD PSA: I've disabled downvoting in the subreddit style and I request that y'all be a little more aware when downvoting. : GuildWarsDyeJob.


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