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[MOD POST] State Of the Subreddit; New Rule; Flair : indie_rock

Hi Everybody!

Wow, indie_rock is growing at a nice rate, and we’d like to welcome our new subscribers and say howdy to our old friends. Lots of good music being posted, and some pretty interesting discussion posts lately as well. Keep it up, folks. We’re on our way to becoming one of the better music subs on reddit.

I’d like to remind everyone that "indie rock" is a very subjective term. A song doesn’t have to be current or unknown to qualify as indie. We enjoy seeing classics like old school REM or The Replacements, and we enjoy seeing better known bands that aren’t huge pop stars, like The Hold Steady or The Strokes.

What could we do better? Well, there seems to be a bit of "post and run" syndrome. Next time you post a song, hang around for a bit. Make a few comments, get in a discussion thread, cast a few votes. This is a nice place, you’ll like it here!

We also wouldn’t mind seeing more discussions, questions, news and reviews being posted. There’s been more lately, and it would be cool if this trend continued.

Also, try to use direct links to YouTube, Vimeo, soundcloud or other established sources when possible, this makes it much easier for everyone to share the music.

New Rule

We are no longer allowing (self)-promotion posts. As we’ve grown, we’ve started attracting a lot of folks who want to promote their band/their friend’s band/some random band’s blog. After discussion, the mod team has concluded that we would rather not go in this direction. Frankly, for every half-decent post like this there’s a there’s a spam post that needs to be removed. And it’s very hard sometimes to distinguish between well-intentioned self-promotion and outright spam, so we’re not even going to try. This sub is for listening to and talking about music, not spamming your cousin’s boyfriend’s band’s tumblr blog.

Henceforth, these posts will be removed. If you’re unsure, please message the moderators. We’re more than happy to help.

We suggest you try /r/listentothis, /r/ThisIsOurMusic, /r/ratemyband, /r/shamelessplug, /r/WeAreTheMusicMakers…there are plenty of fine subreddits better suited for that type of content.


We have flairs, people! Please use them! When you make a post, click the "flair" option underneath and select one. This will help keep the front page organized and better guide others to posts they’ll be interested in. We’d particularly like to see the "Discussion" and "News" flairs used more, as discussion content is not only welcome but encouraged.

Also, please suggest ideas for more flair options, we’re still working on it. 😉

So that’s about it. Thanks everyone! Enjoy the music!

via [MOD POST] State Of the Subreddit; New Rule; Flair : indie_rock.


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