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[Meta] Logging into an alt to derail your sale post? Where are the mods on this? : MaleFashionMarket


I think it’s kind of bullshit that anybody can jump on an ALT and say your asking price is too expensive because they might have found it somewhere else.

I had a guy who had previously mentioned in his comment history he was looking for a similar item to mine and that my listing was too expensive (nevermind, it was 30 dollars cheaper). Obviously he was just trying to get me to drop my price so he could buy it.

I am of the opinion that these kinds of hijacking posts should be deleted. Nobody should tell you your item is too high. If it’s too high it won’t sell. But it’s bullshit for somebody to come into your thread and claim your item is crappy and or too expensive.

With the lemming like nature of reddit it leads to instant downvotes.

The mods need to be on this and delete any post that challenges a sellers asking price.

via [Meta] Logging into an alt to derail your sale post? Where are the mods on this? : MaleFashionMarket.


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