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Looking for people interested in getting a rewatch organized – and added as a mod too :) : Dexter


So yeah, it’s been a few months or whatever since we all facepalmed at what was possibly the biggest slap in the face to any Dexter fan with the ending to the series.

The lumberjack thing may be getting a bit old and we are considering playing with a new CSS theme (or just going back to normal lol).

We (the /r/Dexter[1] moderators) are looking to add some new fresh faces as moderators to help bring the community together with a huge rewatch (discussion threads…maybe not past season 4 though lol, we’ll have to talk about that later).

Please apply in this thread. Here are the questions:

1) Have you ever been a moderator on reddit before (and do you know CSS)? If so, where (and how good at CSS)? (Previous moderator experience is in no way a requirement in the slightest)

2) What is your biggest issue with the subreddit currently and how would you fix it? (No saying the CSS lumberjack Brawny theme or the lack of an organized rewatch)

3) How long have you been a member of /r/Dexter[2] and how active are you here? (Find your oldest comment or post if you want to truly show off how oldschool you are).

4) Who is your favorite lumberjack of all-time and why is it Dexter?

We’ll definitely be picking active community members, so yeah…that’s it I guess (I’m still bitter about how my favorite show ended).

Only comment in this thread if you are applying to mod, if you have any other comments/concerns about the subreddit, click here to message the mods[3] or wait for the upcoming meta post once we have the new moderators.

Oh, and shoutout to my new subreddit /r/Lumberjacks[4] . Check it out!

EDIT: Also a shoutout to the IRC channel #Dexter on snoonet. Webchat link here:[5] It is usually not super active, but if you want to hang out in our IRC channel – a few of us are there a lot.

via Looking for people interested in getting a rewatch organized – and added as a mod too 🙂 : Dexter.


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