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Anyone who keeps the track of political activity and process in United States, knows very well that both so called, major political parties remain in continuous campaign mode, all the time. What is in the best interest of country, voters and citizens, doesn’t even matter, anymore. Every single move in political arena of Washington is a cheap shot to score some political points. Politicians and big media are continuously keeping their index finger up in the air to find out what people want to hear. Saying what people want to hear is not necessarily a bad thing. Problem is that the most of this political bickering is usually part of a grand plan, executed by corrupt politicians and corporate media to misguide people.

This serious absence of leadership in Washington is a major cause of ever complicating problems of our troubled nation. Political and media leadership knows, in most cases, what is the right thing to say or do. But, they do not want to say or do that for political reasons. Beside the government operations in Washington, our culture, as a whole is being downhill for a while. Speaking truth and doing right thing is becoming a crime. For example, just look at what has been happening to whistle blowers like Edward Snowden, Manning and many others.

Difference of opinion is unforgivable. If you hold a different opinion, you are definitely a trouble maker. You belong to somewhere out there. The result is that people in authority are mostly surrounded by yes men and yes women. The people who are actually hired for, paid for and supposed to be providing good and expert advice, help in decision making, and taking productive actions, are literally just keeping their jobs by letting bosses do whatever they want to do. Intimidation is the word of day. Deviate slightly from so called mainstream, and you will be bullied everywhere including big media.

This culture of just going with flow is the biggest threat to our security and survival. Those days of boldly speaking of truth are long gone. The obvious outcome is that no crisis, and no down the hill and misdirected policy is being caught at the beginning or in the middle of wrong doing. Everything comes out after the fact and when the damage is already done. Later on, gurus go on big media and take part in long discussions about what went wrong and what could have been done to prevent it.

Nobody asks the question, you are presenting yourself as such a big expert on this topic, what the hell were you doing when it was happening? Many of these gurus would turn out to be in a position, at the time, with which they might have changed the course of events using a little boldness and courage. But, they wouldn’t. They can, and would give lots of excuses, and we the poor people will think what could he or she had done? Problem here is that these people would not do their job of saying and doing the right thing. Saving your own ass seems to be the only concern for these people.

This culture of intimidation and excessive confirmation is not benefiting anyone. Certainly not this country. While we are trying to teach our kids to not bully in schools, and how to defend themselves against bullies, there certainly are some important lessons for us in it, too. Many political analysts directly relate this culture of intimidation to ever increasing size and authority of government and its officials. Powers are increasingly being centered on certain personalities and offices. Confronting them could be suicidal.

So, most people just decide to keep silence and go with the flow. Although, this is not the type of society our founders dreamed of, and definitely not the one, most of us want to have. The very first amendment in our Bill of Rights is about freedom of speech. Our founders knew that placing restrictions on expression of free minds of free people is the root cause of killing all creativity and efficiency. If we the people are not allowed to talk and differ then one or few people will attain all the power and authority, and end up making all the decision, good or bad, doesn’t even matter at that point.
The enormous power of consultation and collective mind is lost in this way. The working of organizations and institutions become dictatorial, skewed and disastrous. The survival of an esteemed institution is threatened when one person or few people start thinking like dictators and ultimate possessors of intelligence and wisdom. When everyone else becomes stupid and not sincere, one must realize that there is some problem with dictator’s own thought process. Nations, institutions, organizations and businesses grow and thrive when there exists a true spirit of team and collective effort. When team effort just becomes a slogan for exploitation of weaker people, it is turned into menace.
The whole human history backs up the decision to have a division of power in our constitution. The basic objective was that one person or a small group of people may not be able be acquire dictatorial powers on this great nation. There is no doubt that both major political parties have built a system since civil war which guarantees their duopoly. This duopoly is causing serious issues with the working of our government. These two parties, in no way, represent the broader and diverse perspectives and views that exist among U.S. citizens.
Rather, in order to keep their base, both of those keep moving to further right and left. The polarization, instead of the interests of this country, is the basis of all politics and decision making in our political arena, around the country. In Washington, currently there is not third force which may balance or even threaten their ridiculous authority and control. We just have to choose lesser evil. But, it is becoming very evident that Washington cannot bear the burden of these two smaller and bigger evils for very long. People, especially the younger generations who do not have the emotional attachment with any of these parties, yet, are starting to think intelligently and logically about the whole issue.
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