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Jose Narvaez

Save Gas and Increase MPG

Has Large and Diverse Roster of Spanish-speaking Clients

Specializes in: Business Insurance, Estate Planning, and Business Continuation

Back in 1989, when agent Jose Narvaez finished his Bachelor of Science in finance at Long Island University, he expected to go straight to Wall Street. But an interview with New York Life Insurance Company set him on a different path, and he has never looked back. “As an Agent with New York Life and a registered representative with NYLIFE Securities LLC (member FINRA SIPC), I offer business and estate strategies to help meet my clients objectives. I also make my own hours and run my own business. Why would I have needed to go to Wall Street?”

Born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador, this highly successful New York Life Agent followed his parents to the United States in 1981, when he was 17. Narvaez has put together a large and diverse roster of Spanish-speaking clients, many of whom share his immigrant experience.

“My area of specialization is business insurance, including estate planning and business continuation,” he says.

Jonathan Jaramillo, managing partner of the Greater New York G.O., where Narvaez works, says, “José is a role model in his community and in the office. He likes to help people improve themselves. He specializes in the field of estate and business planning, and he goes well beyond the ordinary because of his desire to provide good service to his clients.”

Narvaez enjoys working with small business owners, often Hispanics like him, many of them in the retail food industry.

Through his work, Narvaez has helped many families learn how important estate planning is. “I have helped transfer millions of dollars in the Latino community from one generation to the next,” he says.

Many of Narvaez’s clients consider him a friend. One, who owns supermarkets on Long Island and in Queens, says that Narvaez started out as his life insurance agent but was soon providing products and services for all the members of his family and some of his key employees.

As an immigrant, Narvaez understands the plight of those adapting to a new culture, new timetables, weather, the distance between work and home, and many other challenges. “I have been very involved in the Brooklyn Caribe Lions Club for the last twelve years,” Narvaez recounts. “The Lions’ motto is ‘We Serve.’

“We are proud to participate in the Sight First program, which collects funds to help those in need in Asia and South America get free cataract surgery.” The club also sponsored a health fair that offered basic medical checkups.

In addition, Narvaez maintains a strong tie to Ecuador. He visits the country a few times a year to see family.

While Narvaez loves selling life insurance, his passion is soccer. He played on his school’s NCAA first division varsity team while an undergraduate at Long Island U., giving him the opportunity to travel across the United States. “As an athlete, I learned discipline. I had to be on time, to get to practice early. I had to be responsible both in academia and in sports,” he says.

Now, Vanessa, the oldest of Narvaez’s four children, is in college studying international finance, and working part-time for her father as his secretary.

“She is interested in what I do,” Narvaez declares proudly. It seems that New York Life also transfers the wealth of knowledge from one generation to the next.

Neither New York Life Insurance Company, nor its Agents, provides tax, legal, or accounting advice. Please consult your own tax, legal, or accounting professional before making any decisions.

We’re currently hiring professionals interested in providing a variety of insurance and other financial solutions to businesses and individuals in the Latino community. Find out if a career with New York Life is right for you. EOE M/F/D/V

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