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Japan is the lost city of Atlantis : ShittyFanTheories

All the facts line up. -95% of phones in Japan are water proof. Coincidence? -The recent earthquake in Japan was the result of their resurfacing system gone wrong. Luckily they stopped it before it brought them back down. -Also explains why Japanese elders helped in the accident. They were the only ones familiar with the old system -Sushi is common in Japan because fish is all they ate when it was underwater. -Obviously explains their obsession with tentacles. -Also explains their strange censorship. Back when they were fish people, they didn’t have visible genitalia. Like fish, the women laid their eggs and the men spread their semen on them. They are still uncomfortable with their newly evolved gonads. -Let’s be honest. They still kinda look like fish.

via Japan is the lost city of Atlantis : ShittyFanTheories.


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