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Is it sexist to say that men and women are different?

If you pick one man and one woman and look at them carefully, you will find out that they look very different. The fact that all men have penises, testicles, Cowper’s (Bulbourethral) Glands, Ductus Deferens and Prostate Gland, while all women have Vagina, Cervix, Uterus, Fallopian tubes and Ovaries. Men have higher levels of Testosterone and Cholesterol, show male pattern baldness, more hairy skin and more muscular mass. Females have higher levels of estrogen and progesterone, lower levels of Cholesterol, smoother and shinier skin, larger and softer breasts with more fatty tissue and less hair on skin and less muscular mass. Men are generally more aggressive and women generally more passive. If a man likes woman he is more likely to approach her, while if a woman likes a man she does everything possible to get his attention and attract him, and make to come to her, and not to approach him directly. When men want to have sex they tell their partner that they want to have sex, while when women want to have sex they provoke their partners to get to them ask for it. Why do you think it is almost always a man who ask a woman out or why almost always a man proposes a woman? Why women want men to open doors for them, carry luggage and open jars bottle caps for them? Why is that when a man proposes a woman she usually can’t stop crying and never forgets to call everyone she knows and shows her ring to everyone she knows? Why all her close girl friends and female relatives give her hugs, give warm congratulations and shed tears for her, while all the men gets from his male friends and relatives is: “Welcome to the club?”, “Bye-bye freedom!”, Take the word, no, out of your dictionary !”, “Good luck” or ”Wish you the best”. Why kids are almost always more attached to moms? Why is it almost always woman who wants to own house? Why is it almost always woman who always wants kids or more kids? Why is it almost always woman who can’t have enough shopping done? Why women can’t stop watching soaps, while men can’t stop watching sports? Why women are always talking about kids, family, clothes, shoes and jewelry, while men always talk and joke about food, sex, politics, news and mother-in-laws? Why men have one X and one Y chromosome and women have two X chromosomes. Why men are generally taller than women? Why women have longer life expectancy than men? Why men have SRY gene and women don’t? What about WT-1, SOX9, SF-1, and the short arm of X (DSS) in men and Xp and Xq genes in women? Why embryologist can tell between male and female fetus as early as 9 weeks of gestation? Why male bones coarse and brittle and female bones are smooth and shiny? Why female pelvis is broader and more roomy? Why men have sperms and women have Ova? Why generally men sound different from women? Why women have better verbal skills and men are better in spatial calculations? In a study done at University of Oporto, Portugal, neo-archicortical ratio was found to be smaller in women than in men, Significantly heavier right neocortex occurred in men than in women and authors concluded that these findings are suggestive that anatomical differences may contribute to the behavioural pattern differences occurring between male and female. Simon Baron-Cohen, director of the Autism Research Centre, Cambridge University has shown in his published study that Men are better at analysing systems (better systemisers) while women are better at the reading of emotions of other people (better empathisers). Men have about 4% more brain cells and about 100 grams more of brain tissue, while women have more dendritic connections between brain cells, when compared to men. Women have larger Corpus Callosum. Men have left hemisphere dominance when it comes to language, while women seem to use both sides of brain for language. On average women have a larger deep limbic system. As far as cortical thickness is considered, Dr. Marian Diamond, professor of Anatomy/Neuroanatomy at the University of California, Berkeley, has shown that in rates, male brains are much more asymmetrical than female brains. Male asymmetry is lost at very old age while female brain remains symmetrical throughout the whole lifespan. Other findings proving them different are about preoptic area and suprachiasmatic nucleus of hypothalamus of brain. Preoptic area in men is 2.2 times larger and has 2 times more cells. This area is believed to related with mating behavior. Supra chiasmatic nucleus in men is spherical, while in women it is elongated, which shows different types of connections in this nucleus. This nucleus is related with circadian rhythms and reproduction cycles. Because fe,ales have less number of brain cells, they are more prone to Alzheimer’s dementia, because similar loss can cause relatively larger proportion of cells lost in women. LeVay discovered that the volume of a specific nucleus in the hypothalamus (third cell group of the interstitial nuclei of the anterior hypothalamus) is twice as large in heterosexual men than in women and homosexual men, thus prompting a heated debate whether there is a biological basis for homosexuality. Two areas related to language, Broca’s in Frontal lobe and Warrick’s in Temporal lobe are larger in women, showing female superiority in language and related skills. Males have left hemisphere dominance when it comes to language, while women seems to use both hemispheres for language. Hence, women recover better after a left-sided stroke. Oriental people who use pictographic or ideographic written language, use both sides of brain for language, regardless of gender. Inferior parietal lobe (IPL) is much larger in men than in women. Left IPL is much larger than right IPL in men. In women right IPL is larger than left, but difference is not as significant as in men. This is the same area that was shown to be bigger in Albert Einstein and other Mathematicians and Physicists. It seems that IPL size correlates with Mathematical abilities. Studies have linked the right IPL with the memory involved in understanding and manipulating spatial relationships and the ability to sense relationships between body parts. It is also related to the perception of our own affects or feelings. The left IPL is involved with perception of time and speed, and the ability of mentally rotate 3-D figures . Women have larger Orbito-frontal to Amygdala ratio, which probably means that they have better control over the emotional reactions. Females on average have a larger Deep Limbic System than men. That is why women are more in touch with their feelings, they are generally better able to express their feelings than men. They have an increased ability to bond and be connected to others . Females have a more acute sense of smell. Having a larger deep limbic system leaves a female somewhat more susceptible to depression, especially at times of significant hormonal changes such as the onset of puberty, before menses, after the birth of a child and at menopause. Women attempt suicide three times more than men. Yet, men kill themselves three times more than women, in part, because they use more violent means of killing themselves (women tend to use overdoses with pills while men tend to either shoot or hang themselves) and men are generally less connected to others than are women. Disconnection from others increases the risk of completed suicides. You must be crazy if you think that calling men and women different is sexist. Of course, being different does not prove ones superiority over the other!

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