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Infuriating Images That Will Trigger Your OCD


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This isn’t the actual condition of OCD, but the colloquial use of it that means people who just like things to be kept neat and orderly; that i’s be dotted and T’s be crossed. A lot of us who are very anal tend to share the pain of needing to fix picture frames or to make sure desks are at 90 degree angles. Throwing a wrench in the anal/neat person’s tulle box is a dastardly thing to do and this list of pictures that will drive us all crazy is here to inspire unsolvable angst in the obsessively afflicted. 

What constitutes an assault on the neat, tidy and perfectionists of the world? Pencils out of place, tiles out of alignment, manhole covers turned 15 degrees to the left; all these malignments bug the heck out of people with the need to have everything in the particular way it’s meant to be. These amazingly annoying images will have you scratching at the screen trying to move things into the right place. 62 things into the right place, as it were..

If you’re into WTF pictures and generally annoying images, you can head on over to the most WTF pictures of men holding cats and the best bathroom graffiti. But before that, make sure to vote for the best of the worst OCD pictures (because you know you have an ideal order in mind).


List Criteria: Upvote the most infuriating pictures, post the item-name of the one that made you ragequit in the comments.

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