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I stabbed a man in self-defense. AMA. : IAmA

Last October, a couple of friends and I went to a bar to celebrate a friend’s birthday. After that was over we hit a different bar to keep the party going. We stayed there til they stopped serving alcohol. On our way out, we were confronted by a group of 7-8 guys who said one of us mugged them. We tried to talk it out but they wouldnt have it. A fight broke out and they ganged up on my best friend while our other friend and I tried to get them off him. They beat him into a bloody mess. When they finished with him they shifted their rage to the next closest target: me. Before they could jump me I remembered I had my EDC Kershaw knife on me(3.5 inch blade, clipped to my front pocket). Without hesitation I pulled it out and struck the first one of them that attacked me. The fight ended immediately. In the chaos that ensued, I tried to gather my group and get them into my car to make a get away. The police showed up almost immediately. A cop spotted my friend in my backseat covered in blood and stopped us at gun point. I was arrested and confessed to the stabbing. AMA. Proof:

Edit: Thanks everyone for all the questions. Keep them coming. I’ll answer any and all additional questions tomorrow after work. Sleep time ๐Ÿ™‚ Remember, Don’t give the cops ANYTHING when being arrested.

via I stabbed a man in self-defense. AMA. : IAmA.


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