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I quit my job today after nearly being assaulted and being told I was to blame for it. : offmychest

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I worked until today as an apartment manager at a nice 50 unit complex in Hollywood, CA. The owner of the building is an older man who will do anything to save money.

I was told to let a tree trimmer into the building at 8:00AM on Thursday. Around 7:45AM I hear constant banging at my door and my doorbell continuously being rung. I assume it’s an emergency and look through the peephole and ask "Who is it?" to which the guy responds with; "It’s me! I’m the damn gardener! I’m here to cut the trees! I’ve been out here for over an hour!"

I ask him how he’s been out there for over an hour to which he starts yelling that he’s been in front of my door for over an hour and that I’ve kept him waiting. I ask him if we can talk in the lobby as he’s shouting so loud that it’s going to wake people up. He yells that we can’t talk in the lobby and that we’ll talk right here. I again say that we have to talk in the lobby as there are people sleeping and I don’t want to wake them up.

I go down to the lobby and he sees me and starts smirking. I say "Hi, I’m Tony" to which he responds with "Just show me the damn trees that need to be cut. You’ve kept me waiting for one hour!" I ask him "Wasn’t your appointment for 8:00AM?" To which he says "Just show me the work that needs to be done so I can bill the owner."

I let him out into the pool area and this guy is screaming and shouting. I ask him if he can talk lower so as not to wake any of the tenants up and at this point he snaps; "Fuck you! Fuck you you fucking asshole!" I tell him "We’re done. We’ll be using someone else." and attempt to walk in the building. At this point he’s going apeshit and asking me "You want to go? You want to go?" and picks up a chair and throws it and runs to block me off so I can’t leave the pool area.

I go and knock on a tenant’s window as I want a witness to what is happening and then I kick off my sandals and square up to fight with him as it’s clear that is my only option. He gets kind of surprised/startled that I am going to fight with him and backs up a little bit and starts yelling for me to hit him and starts clapping near my face "Throw the first punch! Throw the first punch!" (this is why I am glad I had gotten a witness, I figured he might be yelling crazily but might press charges) and right then a tenant started yelling out his window "Hey asshole! You better not mess with Tony!" and said he was calling the police. The guy starts cussing at the tenant, another tenant starts yelling at him too and the guy starts cussing out the other tenant. I tell him to get the fuck out of here and that he’s a piece of shit and the guy tells me "I’m going to have your job. Watch the story I tell the owner. I’m going to have you fired you unprofessional asshole." I tell him; "Yeah, go fuck yourself you fucking piece of shit. Get the fuck out of here mother fucker." He storms out yelling some stuff "Watch what happens when I come back. Watch what I’m going to do to you." I again tell him to get the fuck out of here and to go fuck himself.

Normally I don’t even swear at people, let alone never a vendor but at this time I was pissed. He had cursed at me, blocked me off, and cussed at two tenants.

I call the owner and he says "All you had to do is let him in." I tell him I did and what happened to which the owner says "Why did you keep him waiting?" I tell him he didn’t wait, he was early and that I let him into the pool area as soon as I saw him.

A few witnesses write the owner letters of what happened, as do I, and the owner tells me that the man will be back on Monday and that I need to let him into the building. I of course refuse and send the owner the guy’s Yelp reviews that show how mentally unstable this guy is (every review is 1 star) and send the owner a list of competent tree trimmers in our area. The owner again says that the guy will be here on Monday and that I am not innocent in this matter as I did not let him in, kept him waiting, that he had five calls from the guy, and that people can get angry if they wait.

I tell the owner that if he had five calls from the guy, why didn’t he call me once? Why didn’t the owner give him my number to begin with? Even if he waited an hour, that gives him no right to attempt to assault me or cuss at tenants. I then promptly emailed all the tenants what happened and that I quit. I then emailed the owner that I quit and told him what I thought of him and his business practices.

via I quit my job today after nearly being assaulted and being told I was to blame for it. : offmychest.


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