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I just turned 40 years old and my wife got me RP for my birthday : leagueoflegends

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This gift she has given me is more than just skins for my favorite champions, it is acceptance for something I love to do but she has always been skeptical of. I’ve been playing video games since i can remember and started league of legends about a year ago when a buddy of mine told me about it at work. I instantly fell in love with game, I played it with all of my free time. However I was already married with no kids but my wife would still get upset when I would play for long hours. we would fight about it a lot, mostly because of my age (she felt it was time to move on from video games) and I was forced to play it less and less. Honestly it made me depressed, I had stopped playing for a while because even though I loved the game I’ll always love my wife more than anything. Anyway after about a week went by my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I still felt depressed, not only because I could not play but because my wife was not willing to accept who I was and forced me to change who I was, and I told her this. Surprisingly she was not mad, she did not say anything. We did not talk about it again until my birthday came. I woke up and on the kitchen table was a card and she was sitting on the chair with a smile. I opened the card and there it was an RP card with a long sentimental note that’s too personal to get in to. But basically she told me she did not care that I played and she just wanted me to be happy and not playing made me always seem depressed. Needless to say this gift of acceptance was one of the best gifts I had ever received and the riot points were a nice addition too 🙂 (lets go gentleman chogath) But I just wanted to share my story with you guys, because I know when you play games sometimes it can be hard to get acceptance but good luck to you and good day to all fellow summoners!! PS: I love you mariah <3 my wife

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