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How to deal with party/group small talk? : askseddit

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I’m great at conversations one-on-one, or in very small groups, and obviously when I know people well. But as soon as I’m at a party where just about everyone is an acquaintance, I just can’t do it. Everyone seems to be able to make quick friends and make smart, charismatic, or quirky comments all night long and I just stand there feeling awkward.

I was talking to my friend about it and I realized that it is something that I can work on, especially after having read seddit where I have read about great transformations.

Anyone have any advice on how to deal with it and not feel socially awkward? Has anyone ever feel the same?

ecit: Also, when I’m in a situation where I feel that everyone is a "lower social class" like for instance if I was with a bunch of engineers, I’m fine randomly talking and meeting people. But in other situations I feel like I have nothing to say or that I can’t get a word in.

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