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How to Create an Audio Version of Your Book | LinkedIn

August 29, 2013

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My friends love to listen to books while they exercise or drive. I never do this because I like to read a book, not hear it. However, customers should be able to access books in any way they want. I recently went through the process of creating an audio book, and I’d like to share the process with you.

A is for Audible

You can produce an audiobook version using a service from Audible called the Audiobook Creation Exchange. Here is how it works:

Confirm that you own the audio rights to your book.

Create a profile with a short description of your book, your thoughts on the best kind of narrator, and a short excerpt.

Post your book. Producers and narrators will see your post and hopefully express interest. You can also listen to sample narrations and hold a “casting call.”

Audition producers and narrators and then pick one. Also, an audiobook publisher may see your post and contact you to buy audio rights.

Cut a deal. The service provides the paperwork and mechanism. You can choose to pay on a per-hour basis or share royalties.

Amazon will link the audio version of your book to the details page of your Kindle or printed book so that customers are aware of your available formats.

Another method to create an audio version is to narrate the book yourself. Reading your own book helps you form a close personal bond with your readers. However, this requires a good reading voice and as much as fifty hours of work.

My Experience

Working with the folks at Audible, we held auditions for the voice of my latest book APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur – How to Publish A Book. The casting call occurred on July 22, 2013.

I was thrilled to receive over 350 auditions for APE, and I chose Lloyd Sherr on August 8, 2013. Why Lloyd? Because he sounds like an NPR announcer, and I love NPR! You can hear his audition at by clicking on the link above.

The audiobook was available for purchase on August 27, 2013, so the entire process took approximately five weeks.

The Hard Work Begins

The hard work begins when your audiobook is done, not when you are producing it. The key to successfully guerrilla marketing your audiobook is to approach the process as a launch of a new product, not simply an extension of an existing one.

Think of it as a whole new product for a whole new kind of customers—one who might not “read” you book, but would “listen” to it. As such, you should use every method and avenue that you tapped when you launched the book:

Write a blog post about the availability of an audio version.

Add a link or badge to your website and blog so that people can buy it with one click.

Update your social-media profiles to include a specific “plug” for the audio version.

Participate in webinars by using Google+ Hangouts and Twitter chats to reach the online audience—just pretend like it’s a new book.

I hate leaving any money on the table, so creating an audiobook version was a necessary and valuable experience. There is a segment of the market that will only listen to books, and my Audible experience taught me that there is a painless and easy way to serve it.

If you’re interested in purchasing the audio version of APE, you can find it on the Audible website as well as on Amazon.

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Guy Kawasaki is the author of twelve books including APE: Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur — How to Publish a Book,What the Plus!,and Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Action. He’s the former chief evangelist of Apple and current advisor to Motorola. Guy shares enchanting stuff on the topics of marketing, enchantment, social media, writing, self-publishing, innovation and venture capital.

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