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How Gamefreak could’ve improved wonder trade. : pokemon

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Hey guys I just wanted to say, great job in cleaning up wondertrade. After the first few days of playing pokemon and experiencing tons of bunnelby’s etc the reddit community really stepped up and helped by breeding rarer pokemon etc. What I’ve been thinking of though was how GameFreak could’ve improved it initially. I came up with what (For me) Would’ve been a great solution, Pokemiles. Of course Pokemiles are already part of the wondertrade system but what I saw was happening was that you get the same amount of pokemiles no matter what you trade it only changes as to how far the pokemon goes. So my idea would’ve been for Gamefreak to categorize pokemon by capture rates into rarity’s (Legendaries, Rare, Uncommon etc.) And then you’d earn more pokemiles for trading rarer pokemon. How do you guys think it could’ve been improved?

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