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Individual is the ultimate reality. Government is an illusion, commonly believed to have rights that individuals do not have. For example, theft, in the name of taxation, violence, in the form of law enforcement and murder, for the sake of war. The evolution of government took place under the pretext that it would provide security to all its citizens. It would guarantee that one individual’s rights are not infringed on by the others or one group does not violate the rights of the others. This pretext ultimately lead to the assumption that a small number of people may acquire or have granted the power to rule and discipline the others.

Life started free of coercion. Men and women lived free, independent of each other. Hunted and gathered their food and found a partner to have fun and procreation. Most men would disappear after having sex and women will take care of off-spring. Then, men realized that hunting and gathering food and finding a woman, as needed, is very risky, and can cause serious deprivation, even death. They also discovered fire and benefits of snow, which could be used to make food last longer and to store it for longer periods of time, specially, when food is scarce and it is difficult to hunt and find food, like in Fall and Winter. Gradually, men, also, realized that women can be used for more than just having sex and taking care of babies. They started claiming one or women as their property, and required loyalty from them, like to not have sex with anyone else. The offspring they would have, will be considered the property of man, and in return man would provide for woman and help her raising the kid. So, learning to stock food and women gave rise to family. Their property for the purpose of sex did not only include women, it included weaker men too.

This also lead some powerful women to claim one or men and / or women, as their property. As the struggle for wealth and property intensified, just having family on your side would not be enough. So, came extended families, clans and tribes. Until few thousand years ago, it was perfectly fine to have first relatives like parents, kids and / or siblings as sexual partners. This was, also, a very good way to keep it all in the family, too.

In the beginning, it was the physically most powerful and Marshall Individual in the society, who would be the leader or chief. On the bases of his physical power and strength, he would acquire the leadership of his family, group or tribe. There would often be the duels and fights between people claiming that authority and the one who beats or kills the others would sit on the throne. Of course this lead to serious tyranny, because most of these warriors considered themselves unbeatable and would carry out serious coercion, in many cases. This lead to the evolution of counsels of elders, to select the next head or chief.

Gradually these people realized, how physically powerful they may be, it was getting harder and harder to gain and retain power in the clan without having at least some support from family and / or other members of clan or tribe. So the powerful started to gather a group of people around themselves, by offering various little benefits of power. So, now, the struggle for power was between groups, instead of individuals. This also made it uglier and bloodier. To gain and retain power you had to overcome and kill more people than before. Gradually another class started to emerge, and gain power and influence. These were mostly the people who were not very strong, physically, but, were very intelligent. They started to claim that the universe is created by God, and they were God’s chosen people or messengers. This was a basically a claim of divine authority. As these ideas, later called religion, got popular and more and more people started following them, the physically strong guys had to share authority with them. This went to the extent that the chief could not get, and hold on to power, unless he had the attestation, from priest class, of being the chosen one. This new concept of divine authority added another ingredient to the authority of government, the right to determine good and bad, right and wrong, sinful and pious.

As the civilization and interdependence grew, it gave rise villages, towns, cities, provinces, states and empires. With the increase of size, the power, wealth and authority of ruling class kept growing as well. Under most circumstances theocracy, bureaucracy and aristocracy were the final authority under all circumstances. Individual rights, if there were any, were fully subjected to the sanction and approval of these three classes. They enjoyed these unlimited powers, because, as per priest, who was a partner in crime, they were the chosen ones.
Devastated by Monarchies and religious establishment, humanity revolted and looked for alternatives. Many new ideas and philosophies were presented. Their extract was that the right to rule is not divine, because, everyone was now realizing that it was the divine right which was causing all that mess. The new ideas included democracy, dictatorship of proletariat or intelligentsia, etc. Many of those were tried in real world. The most successful and powerful of these turned out to be Democracy. One the other hand Capitalism established itself as the most successful and most powerful economic ideology. So, now, the way to go is to have a combination of Capitalism and Democracy.

Unfortunately, this combination of Capitalism and Democracy is turning out to be even more tyrannical then the worst systems in past. Democracy, elections and politics, have totally become the game of money. All the wealth, power and authority is getting accumulated in the hands of a smaller class. You must be asking yourself, why is this happening? This is because in the course of this evolution, we did not get rid of most coercive ingredient, government. Government was created by ruling classes to keep masses enslaved, and that is what government is doing, to the date, as a matter of fact, very effectively.

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