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Relief of Windows XP support after the end of anti-malware software if moving?

Tue Dec 24, 2013 01:46 Share

Well, it is subject to the question "products also support after the end, all right? As long as you run anti-malware software" and. The answer’s a No, but I want to tell you why it is not enough anti-malware software today.

Even if you run anti-malware software real-time protection is enabled, Ma to infect Ruu~ea

Investigators of Microsoft malware even (Protected in the figure below 1) system running anti-malware software real-time protection is enabled that you have been shown. In the attack in recent years, cases and carry out targeted attacks or to distribute malware Make sure that it will not be detected by the famous anti-malware software, and to update the pattern file or OFF the anti-malware software when you enter the terminal once Some malware to interfere. While targeted attacks increase, as a result of security vendors can not get the preceding new malware, the situation you can not catch the latest malware, even when updated to the latest pattern file is also happening. Figure 1: malware infection rate when real-time protection is enabled or disabled (operating system (OS) / Service Pack (SP) another)

In comparison with the product of support during the infection rate increases support the end product is

real-time protection is running but an effective anti-malware software, is (Windows XP Service Pack 2 in the following figure 2) Product of support after the end of support during malware infection rate is higher than the product of (Windows XP Service Pack 3). ( risk of security – malware infection rate of Windows XP support after the end of show See also "anti-malware software that support has ended") of Figure 2: malware infection rate in the case that can be enabled or disabled real-time protection (Windows XP SP2 and SP3 )

The main reason for the two security updates for vulnerabilities whether or not it is provided,

vulnerability to new security update is not provided by Windows XP support after the end, found in the new will be Nozarashi (※). A delicious story, anti-malware software because even if so, I bypass for an attacker, it is conceivable that the situation on a daily basis to develop a new malware, anti-malware software can not keep up increases.

※ Windows XP was affected in 45 of the security information that has been published in July 2012 to July 2013. I also considered support after the end, when exposed to the threat of new vulnerabilities equivalent. Figure 3: Image of the attack due to the presence or absence of the security update (EoS = End of Support = End of Support)

The attacker, Windows XP structure exploited much easier to ( have a high success rate ) know that

10 was developed years before Windows XP is in security features that can counter the vulnerability exploit modern technology not been equipped with most, it is defenseless against modern threats. If a new malware aimed at vulnerability of Nozarashi came, the last bastion OS protections of Windows XP is not nearly equal to In, new OS compared to, they will be easily exploited.

Figure 4: to mitigate the abuse OS image of the attack due to the presence or absence of the function of the


On security features of the OS is poor, vulnerability becomes Nozarashi by the end of support. And I think in the target fair game if you’re an attacker, such a Windows XP remaining in the market for a while yet.

The threat of malware, only anti-malware software can not be 100% protection. In its recognition, please with the peace of mind of maximum against the threat of malware that performs such as using a product security function (relaxation function) was enriched and deploy security updates, the defense multi-layered, and evolving.


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