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All right! So, this is the worst and most troubling aspect of trio of scandals surrounding White House, right now. Obama is becoming the Nixon of Democratic Party. He has prosecuted more whistle blowers then all the other previous administrations combined. On the other hand, big media has, now, officially admitted that it is doing nothing except trumpeting the official versions of reporting. I mean, there is no real reporting of facts based on investigative journalism. The whole problem media has with White House and CIA is that they lied to media on Benghazi situation. My question is, isn’t it their responsibility to not buy the official versions, as they are, and report the facts after some investigation and confirmation.

Obama administration is still exerting a lot of emphasis on their notion that anything outside the official lines, is anti-American and non-patriotic. Even the attempts to dig and uncover the truth are still being labeled as a threat to national security. Government is not mad on CIA because they were planning a fake bomb attack in Yemen. They are mad on AP because they uncovered it. They were spying AP to prevent those kind of leaks, so that CIA and other covert operative agencies can carry out such heinous plots in future without any restrictions or fear.

Even an investigation done by an independent council and released by DOJ, has revealed that this is not the first time, something like this happened. As a matter of fact CIA and FBI are spying on reporters and citizens, without following the necessary procedure, very frequently. After all, the conspiracy theories about government corruption and abuse of authority, are turning out to be not conspiracies, after all.

Isn’t it that Department of Justice is supposed to ensure the supremacy of law? Ironically, it is the same branch of government which is doing the worst violations of law. It is so unfortunate that in the land of free and brave, government is taking away all our rights in a very traditional and historical manner. that is in the name of safety and security of its citizens. Just as with all the past and contemporary dictatorial and authoritarian regimes, we are being told that this nation is far better off giving up their rights. Our freedom is the biggest threat to us. Our good can only be guaranteed by a government with unlimited power and authority.

Unfortunately, many Americans, too scared by incidents like 9/11, are buying this notion. Corporate media is strongly propagating the notion, if you are not doing anything wrong you have nothing to hide and you can commonly hear people repeating this notion in their everyday discussions, everywhere, from workplaces to personal gatherings. There is no doubt, if you are not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to hide. But, governments have always abused this kind of authority. Take the example of AP case or Wiki leaks. They just leaked and revealed the corruption and conspiracies that were going on, in government and its agencies. As a citizen we have a right to know that and as reporters it is their job to report those. But, government cannot stand anything outside its official guidelines. They just want us to know, what they want us to know. Is this the way it is supposed to be?

Ironically whenever a corporation, or s government agency or department is caught up with a wrong doing, the people at the top always say that they were not aware that it was going on. All of them are always ready to take the credit for things like killing of Osama Bin Laden, but, almost none of them takes responsibility for any wrong doing. President didn’t know any of this, Eric Holder didn’t about know any of this. Aren’t these statements, at the best, an admission of their lake of credibility? If you don’t know anything about whatever is going on under your noses, then, what the hell are you doing there? Why don’t you just admit your incompetence and leave?

These scandals must be an eye opener for every American. They prove without any doubt that the government cannot be trusted with too much power and our big media deserves a complete boycott. If they are completely relying on official government guidelines, regarding the extremely sensitive and important issues like this, and there is a complete absence of investigative reporting and the confirmation of facts, before reporting, then, what is the point? What could be their use? Why should we count on them anymore?
Even in IRS case, the dominant theme is, if you are outside our official guidelines, you deserve targeting and persecution. Where is the freedom? What about first amendment? Is there anyone who still cares about freedom of speech?
One by one government is staging a comprehensive drama to take away everything from us. They want to take away the freedom of speech, they want to take away our right to carry arms. They don’t like and want free and empowered citizens. They just want slaves and puppets.
My fellow Americans! Put our hands and heads together, and declare that we boldly refuse this notion. We are not ready to give up our freedoms and constitutional rights. We are ready to protect, what is rightfully ours, not government’s. We will not let them become another Nazi, Fascist regime in the history of world. We value our Democracy and the government of the people, by the people and for the people, a lot, and we are not giving it up at any cost.
Free and independent media and the freedom of speech are critical for the survival of Democracy, and to curb the corruption in government. Infringes on our rights and freedom of press will not be tolerated. If Eric Holder didn’t know then he must know what is going on in his department, and make sure that these kind of things never happen again.
Misleading government and media propaganda is already costing us a lot, in terms of costly, unnecessary and unending wars. We, under no circumstances, are going to accept the notion that media must always follow the official guidelines, and everything else is a conspiracy theory.

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