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Got change? Spend a half day on-line with apps vi… – HP Enterprise Business Community

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KellyEmo| August 27, 2013 Post a Comment


It sounds cliché but change is everywhere in IT and  it is impacting application development teams across the globe. We have a constant proliferation of new and “better” technologies. We have new best practices and approaches to methodology and application lifecycle management.  We have innovations in organizational structure, leadership and management, and macro and micro-economic changes impacting business demand and even the mindset and sentiment of your consumers and stakeholders.





I love the game of poker and they say the best poker players are able to change their style of play to affect the best outcome.  Granted there is always variance, but if you play the optimal game, you will win more often than not.  Effectively leading, managing and delivering applications feels a lot like playing poker. Having a mastery of the application lifecycle management process and having the ability to change it up when needed is essential. 


The ability to adjust to a rapidly changing set of business demands will set you up for success. That’s not to say that the occasional defect won’t slip out to production or a key resource won’t get caught with the flu and impact schedule, but the odds will definitely be in your favor.





How do we develop a mindset and culture that is favorable to change?  What are some of the best practices that successful applications teams are putting to work for them now that will continue to work for them looking forward? What are some of the emerging best practices that your teams can take advantage of to deliver high quality applications faster than ever before?  Spend a half day with HP Software as we engage visionaries, analysts and successful practitioners in discussing the key areas of change that application’s teams face today and the creative and effective application of these changes for powerful results.


They say you have to take time to make time…


Take a small break from your daily schedule, listen in and join the conversation.  Here’s what you’ll see and hear at the Power to Change virtual conference:


Opening keynote: Harnessing change, empowering IT Host Matt Morgan, Vice President of HP Software, will interview Daniel Spurling, Director, Infrastructure Engineering and Operations at T-Mobile. This session will offer insight and real-world perspectives on the strategies and tactics you can leverage to capitalize on change.


Apps session #1:  The user is the center: Applications in the world of engagement Matt Morgan, Vice President, Product Marketing, HP Software and Maribel Lopez, Principal and Founder of Lopez Research, discuss how user centricity is driving change in ALM and forcing app teams to rethink development cycles and support.


Apps session #2:  Mobile is on fire—don’t let your apps get burned Our panel of mobile development experts – including Nationwide, SunTrust and HP IT – share key learnings and best practices for developing mobile enterprise apps.


Apps session #3:  Enable enterprise agility by managing feedback loops Agile methods promise more than just improving how your development team works. This session describes how to automate key feedback loops throughout the software supply chain for increased agility.


Apps session #4:  Test without writing a single line of code…really Hear how Turnkey Solutions is helping Iron Mountain increase the speed and effectiveness of its packaged apps testing projects. The result is reduced test-automation development and maintenance costs.


Closing keynote: Change in IT: What we’ve learned, what to expect Executives from HP Software, T-Mobile and United Airlines offer their predictions on the future of change in IT and advice on how to make change part of your IT strategy.


This event is free of charge and you can participate from your home or office. 


Reserve your seat today for the Power to Change virtual event.


Event dates and times:


September 10, 2013 – Americas event 9am PT/11am CT/12pm ET/4pm GMT/5pm (London) BST


October 1, 2013 – EMEA event 8am GMT / 9am (London) BST / 10am CEST

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