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Golf Town National Amateur Series Time to Show Up Saskatchewan

by Skyler D • June 27, 2013 • 0 Comments

Golf Town National Amateur Series Time to Show Up Saskatchewan

The Golf Town National Amateur Series is this incredible Golf Tour across Canada, that plays at some of most prestigious golf courses, that Canada has to offer.

The problem is that for some reason Saskatchewan’s aren’t showing up, the only province that is on the tour, that doesn’t have anywhere close to the participation, and I have some reasons why?

You all might not know about it

Lack of Money

Don’t Want to get your Ass handed to you because your a casual golfer

Guess what everyone is missing out, on what could be one of the greatest tours in Canadian Golf.

What is the Golf Town National Amateur Series

It’s a series of tournaments, where everyone is flighted by their handicap and anyone can play and everyone should play.

Think about it if your at Kelvington Golf Course and you shoot 42 for 9 holes 87 for 18 holes, you could be the best in your flight the way they have it set up, so you can win the tournament playing your game without all those pro scratch golfers to deal with.

What do you win?  Awards, Golf Town Gift Cards Can be Big Money, Points towards the Order of Merit, Opportunity to play in the National Championship, last year was at Doral in Florida the National Championship, ya the PGA Tour known as the Blue Monster!

This year the National Championship is staying in Canada at Bear Mountain Golf Club in Victoria, BC could be the most fun you have all summer, and a little vacation.

You can check out their website to see the beautiful course you could be playing for National Champion in your own Flight.

Back to the Golf Town National Amateur Series in Saskatchewan

How much to be join the Golf Town National Amateur Series?

It’s Free

First most of you probably wondering how much do events cost to enter?

$140 to $160

What do you get for $140 to $160?

Let’s Look at Next Event at the New Epic Course the Legends Just North of Saskatoon in Warman, Saskatchewan.

$160 Entry Fee Gets you the Following

18 Holes Green Fee (Usually $55)

Power Cart ($21)

Free Driving Range before your round ($10 to $15)

$40 of your Entry Fee goes to Golf Town Gift Card Prizes.  ($40)

The More People the Bigger your prize so if the field is full could be playing for $500 Gift Cards in your flight.



Points towards the Provincial Order of Merit

Exciting Competition against people of similar skill level!

Anyone can win their own flight because it’s set up that 15 handicaps don’t have to play against Scratch Golfers and 34 Handicaps can still play and win.  Worried about Sandbaggers, if someone does way too well for their skill level they will bump them and put them with the better players, its a great and fair system.

Golf Town National Amateur Series

Their are events all across Canada and you can plan vacations, to coincide with these events and have a great time like Banff August 3rd to 4th is a Major Tournament which is a two day tournament, and top 3 automatically qualify for the National Championship along with huge prize pool.

Simple part of these tournaments the more players the better, even in the Order of Merit

Example Points

5 Players in your flight.

1st 500 Points, 2nd 400 3rd 300 4th 200 5th 100

3 Players in your flight

1st 300 2nd 200 3rd 100

20 Players in your flight

1st 2000 Points 2nd 1900 3rd 1800…….

As you see you want your buddies to join and play in the event with you, if there same flight than your playing against them if not then that’s alright too then you both can win.

Upcoming Saskatchewan Events

June 29th 2013 The Legends Golf Course (Only 3 Registered!)

July 13th The Willows Golf and Country Club

August 8th The Legends Golf Course #2

August 30th Dakota Dunes

+Another Willows that was cancelled due to the weather.

Other Key Events that you could play

Previous Event May 7th to 8th was a Major at Glen Abbey!

August 3rd +4th Banff Major at Fairmont Springs

Niagara Falls Major August 24th to 25th

How Do You Register For Events?

Go online to this page Register for the Tour It’s Free and Under who Referred you please put “Stan Dyck” thanks.

Then check out the schedule and register for any events that you want to play.

All the Rules are on this page and if you need help for the sign up forum its here

Good Luck Golfing and Have Fun!

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