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Get Mad! Country Going Down, Part 11





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Unfortunately, just like all other religious and secular ideologies, soon, Capitalism started showing the signs of failure, too. Workers were working long back breaking hours on nominal pays and little or no benefits. The cities and urban settings that sprawled over as a result of industrial revolution and capitalism, were filled with filth and taken over by crime. Sanitary conditions were horrible and infectious disease outbreaks were extremely common. The life expectancy in cities was significantly lower then villages and farms. Working conditions in most factories were terrible and accidents were routine. The injured workers had virtually no protections available and they were swiftly thrown out to face a miserable life and death. Injured workers were being replaced by new ones like bad parts in a machine.
Fortunately, this is where secular ideologies distinguished themselves from religious ideologies. While religious ideologies had no flexibility at all and they were all about right or wrong, good or bad, pious or evil, roadway to paradise or hell, my way or highway. There was no compromise on what was presumed as the word of God. Any deviation, any compromise, any middle of the road solution, any opposition and any difference was a sin and anti-God. Contrary to this, in Capitalist societies, a mass opposition in working class started to build up. They organized into workers’ unions. Mass protests and strikes were held. Corporations and governments tried very hard to suppress these movements, many times violently, resulting into clashes, arrests and even killing of protesters. Beside this, the cold war was going on. There was huge pressure exerted by workers rights and conditions in socialist countries. It was very well appreciated that the workers in socialist countries had all the rights and benefits, while, workers in capitalist countries were facing huge suppression and exploitation in their countries. Finally, under the internal pressure of workers’ unions and the external pressure from the comparative situation in socialist countries, corporations in Capitalist countries, gradually started to give up. Workers’ wages, benefits and working conditions started to improve and ultimately reached a point where jobs at companies like Ford and Chrysler became ideal jobs for workers around the world. Jobs, most people in the world could only dream of.
This was a major diversion from traditional religious societies. Secular societies, survived and thrived and ultimately grew the richest nation in human history, United States of America, because, they were not rigid like religious societies. Capitalism showed lots and lots of flexibility. Major reasons for this were democratic political systems, in which it was very difficult for government to go against popular demands, open and free media, where people can voice their demands and constitutionally guaranteed human rights, freedom of speech and right to organize. These were the factors that forced corporate ran political and economic systems to bend to the popular demands and show the flexibility. A very important role was also played by publicly financed and private universities, research organizations and academicians who repeatedly studied and successfully showed and proved it to profit driven economy and corporations that better compensated, well-off and satisfied workers are more efficient and productive and significantly improved the employers the profit potential.
So, the unprecedented process of political and economic hybridization started for the first time in human history. Capitalist countries, slowly and gradually started to integrate the Marxist principles in capitalistic economies and institutions. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, Veterans Affairs and community colleges and state universities are just few examples of this integration and hybridization. Beside this, corporations kept improving workers pays and benefits, and employer based and supported health insurance, retirement plans and 401 plans became an integral part of social and economic fabric.
On the other hand, it was realized and now historically proven that Capitalist societies have high propensity for recessions and depressions. These tendencies and incidences resulted in the realization that it is impractical to leave corporations uncontrolled. Adam Smith’s Laissez Faire was just a theory and did not work in real world. After each of such incidences of depressions and recessions more and more measures for governmental control and oversight were adopted. These controls and oversights mostly improved the stability of markets and reduced the incidences of economic and financial depressions and recessions. In most Capitalist countries, now, even health care and higher education are owned and run by governments. Today’s most stable economies, for example, Scandinavian countries like Sweden, are advanced hybrids of Capitalism and Marxist principles.
This process was going on very well and world economy was growing and thriving to the unprecedented levels when Soviet Union collapsed, mostly because of it’s lake of flexibility, and authoritarian and suppressive government. This resulted in the end of cold war and socialist pressure from Capitalist countries like United States was relieved. In addition to this, wrongly sighting the collapse USSR as the failure of all Marxist principles, corporate owned media, politicians and other propagandist started a new campaign for giving up the historical flexibility, which was the key to our survival and growth, and repealing all Marxism inspired improvements in Capitalism. Ideas like Reaganomics, which were basically a revival of already failed purest form of Capitalism, were trumpeted by rich and powerful corporate propaganda machinery. Historical security measures, controls and oversights that stabilized our markets after worse events like great depression were repealed one after the other. Removal of these safeguards destabilized our markets again to the previous historical level. Recessions and market collapse, again, became a routine. Since Reagan’s repeal of market controls and oversights, we have had black Monday in late eighties, recession and tech crunch in nineties, and huge real estate and market crash in 2008. Before Reaganomics, under market controls and oversights, from great depression to late eighties we did not have any recession or market crash.
This shows that the key is flexibility and hybridization. These are the keywords to be remembered.

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