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General Reminder of Rules : FiftyFifty


This is just a general reminder of the rules of the subreddit. Please read these, or refer to the sidebar:

• Please keep in mind that this is NOT explicitly a porn subreddit. Yes porn gets posted, but if you are just looking for porn, then there are other places for you.

• Please upvote because the title has an interesting choice of options and made you click, not just because "BOOBIES!"

• DO NOT Link true5050 options in the comments.

We are very strict about this, as some people may have found out. The point of true5050 is that you have a 50% chance of getting one of two options every time you click (after waiting 90 seconds between each click). Posting them in the comments just takes away the risk and ruins the whole point of its usage.

• Actually link two options for true5050

If you simply use it to mask a url for one option only, the post will be removed. This is not supposed to be the way it works.

I. Titles begin with the tag [50/50] and should include "NSFW".

If your options are SFW, we still require the label NSFW (Not-NSFW is what we recommend). Our filters are set to remove posts that do not have it. We have this because reddit shows thumbnails if there is no label. Having a visible thumbnail gives away the option.

II. Posts should link to i.imgur/minus/youtube or other ambiguous site as not to give away "Cat | Worms victim" with ""

Self explanatory, and we now require imgur, minus, and youtube, or true5050 only now.

III. Images of animal/child cruelty, mutilation, rape, molestation, etc. are NOT PERMITTED, even as the option you didn’t go with.

This also means no illegal content. Even animated sex depicted between minors is not allowed. Posting such content will result in a ban.

IV. Posts must clearly deliver one outcome, not both. E.g. a post titled "Woman gives birth | Cute puppies" in which a woman gives birth to puppies would not be allowed.

Anything that satisfies both options in the title. Another example would be "Latina Riding Cock | Monkey Riding Cock" and having a picture of Dora and Boots riding a rooster is both.


• "Item 1 | Item 1" e.g. "Blue waffle | Blue waffle"

• "Top post from /r/… | Top post from /r/…"

• "Heads | Tails"

• Using animals which sound like body parts (tit, cock, ass, boobie, chick, etc.)

The above ones are removed for their lack of creativity and unimaginative puniness.

• Gay porn being used as a bad option

Seeing a penis is not a NSFL option. It is also incredibly immature to freak out over it.

• Screamers

Anyone who posts these will be banned without mercy. They are a fucking nuisance and can cause people to nearly blow out their speakers.

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