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Gary Johnson For President 2012, Part 8

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If you still have any doubts about the deep and extensive corruption, in American, two parties dominated political culture, you are living on another planet. It is really unbelievable, how these two parties, play war games against each other, all the time, while essentially working for same agenda, corporate monopoly in American lives. They are doing exactly what Thomas Jefferson feared the most, governments becoming too big and too powerful, to serve the country and nation. Both parties, which have alternated each other, for a very long time, in White house, on capitol hills, state, county and city governments, have brought, this greatest economy, ever, in human history, to the brink of bankruptcy. One party keeps clinging on to, and keep expanding the totally not affordable welfare programs, while other keeps starting wars, expanding the existing ones, and racking up the military budget, in the name of security and vets.

Yes, we do have security challenges. We do need to support citizens who need help. But, more people are killed in drunk driving cases every day then the people killed by terrorism in a whole year. We should be helping the citizens, who need help, but, with our own money, not the money borrowed from, not so friendly countries like China. 43 cents out of every dollar that we spend comes from borrowed money. If we continue on the current path, our debt level will be 160% of GDP, within ten years, which will be inline with countries like Greece, Italy and Ireland.
Trust me, and the experts in Economics and national security. Strong defense comes with strong economy. We have been able to beat Soviet Union and other countries in defense, just because we have the largest, biggest and richest economy in the world. We could afford most expensive R&D, equipment, warfare, personal and technology. If economy is down the drain, first things to go with it are national security and defense.

Civil rights situation is getting even worse. We used to be the nation which always upheld it’s constitution and laws. Not, anymore. Violations of constitution have become a routine. People are not even ashamed of doing that. There are virtually no consequences attached to the constitutional violations, anymore. Remember, it was our constitution which built the strongest, most powerful and richest nation in the world. It is one thing that keeps this very diverse nation together. Steering away from constitution is very dangerous. Of course, you have all the rights to disagree with any part of constitution. Constitution even provides a way for it’s own amendments. If you disagree with any clause, you can work and campaign for it’s amendments. It is not impossible. After all many amendments have been done in past. But, as long as, not amended, it is the constitution of country. The very base of our society. The violations of our constitution are very dangerous, in the sense that every thing is based on it. If violations become a trend then nothing is safe. Our political system, Democracy, economic structure, financial system, civil rights, all are based on constitution. That is why we all U.S. citizens must always obey and protect the constitution, under all circumstances. The safety and security of our constitution is the safety and security of our country, nation and all the citizens.

There is absolutely no doubt that both major political parties, in our nation, have totally failed to upheld the constitution. Unauthorized wars, warrant less taping of cell Phones and calls, indefinite detention, torture, extra-judicial assassinations of U.S. citizens, all are the worst examples in our history. We may not care about it, because, “it does not effect me” or because, so called, mainstream media and political pimps are telling us that it is for our own good and security. Believing on this crepe is just like believing on someone saying, “I am killing you for your own good. It will save you from all the harm that is coming in future”. Can you justify killing a person, based on this argument? Then, why do you believe the media and politicians on this. They are basically saying that they are killing constitution, which is the life and blood of our country and nation, for our own good. How can depriving us from our life and blood be for our own good? Think about it? Do not trust what you are being told. Read and research constitution, and constitutional history, yourself. Then decide, if these highly deceptive politicians and media are right?
If you give a look to our political history, you will realize that we cannot get out of this situation, as long as we are dominated by two political parties. These two parties have been alternating each other in every arena of power, White House, Congress, and state, county and city governments, for a very long time. That is why you cannot exempt, one or the other, from whatever is going on, at every level of our government. With just a couple of exceptions, in all, over two hundred years of our history, every single government has increased debt, regardless of who was in White House or who controlled the congress. They are very good at playing the blame game in public, blaming each other for all the wrong doings, and confusing the people and voters. Mostly confused voters, vote for one or the other, and one of them wins. As a matter of fact, it really doesn’t matter for any of them, who wins. Because behind the closed doors, they are one and the same and working for same agenda, being written by corporate lobbies.

It is so unfortunate, for a Democratic society, like ours that media starts picking up winners and losers, for us, even before a political race starts. Ironically, these winners and losers are usually not picked up on things like character, record, program, principles and agenda. They are usually picked up on the bases of, who has the most money or who will have the most money. Do you realize that these estimations of most money are based on lobbyist support for specific candidates?

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