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Gary Johnson For President 2012, Part 7

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My friends, there were times when United States and other western countries, provided political asylums to journalists and activists, from former Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Eastern Europe and Middle East. Ironically, from there we are down the hill, reaching a point where western journalist are seeking asylum in South America and the flag bearer of Democracy and human rights in world, our country, United States is on witch-hunt, because someone exposed the truth and corrupt government secrets. Two separate independent investigations, performed by Australian police (police of the Assange’s native country) have found that Julian Assange has not broken any Australian law and U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), even after years of it’s struggle has not been able to find any law, out of it’s huge “book of laws, that Assange might have broken. So, no law has been broken! Then, why the supervisors of corruption in United States government like president of United States, Secretary of State, minority leader, senators and house representatives and corporate media pundits are equally united in proving him a criminal. Everything from espionage to treason, to terrorism is being blamed on him. They are even suggesting criminalizing the people who are supporting him and / or Wikileaks, in any way.

What the hack is all this? Specially, when Department of Justice cannot find any law that might have been broken. Wow! You know why? Because our constitution has guaranteed the freedom of speech and right to information. Throughout the history of journalism, around the world, the honest and brave journalists, have been breaking out the government, corporate and even personal secrets. Remember, Watergate? Paparazzi chasing celebrities? Egypt, Libya and Syria? The brave and talented journalists who brake cutting-edge stories, are always considered heroes, in free societies and by freedom loving people.

Why is that we consider CNN and other journalists, who break out stories from Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and Cuba, as heroes, while Assange is a criminal? Just because he leaked information from U.S. government? Does U.S. government, in our view, has special privileges to secrecy and corruption? How pity? I believe, this is the last and final stage of downfall, when we are ready to fight against our own rights, just because sold out politicians and corporate media is labeling this as, so called, patriotism. Trust me. Patriotism is not in prosecuting and persecuting a journalist for reveling corrupt secrets of government. It is in preserving and defending our constitutional rights. Punishing the politicians and media pundits who are making a mockery of our constitution and constitutional rights.

Throughout the history of journalism, we see the journalists being persecuted to publishing truth, by Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Mao and Castro, not in free societies and democratic countries like, United States, United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia and Canada. Even if DOJ finds a law that Assange has violated, it will not be valid, because, it will be in violation of U.S. constitution and every law must be within the framework provided by constitution.

It is unbelievable that he was held under custody, without any trial for over five hundred days. U.S. government’s excuse about Guantanamo detainees was that they are terrorists and enemy combatants. But what is the U.K. governments excuse, in Assange’s case. Because he was leaking news about their corruption?

I find it so disturbing that many of us do not even have the any awareness about our own constitutional rights. It is amazing, how many Americans condone or favor, what is being done to Assange. Just because he is somehow being labeled as anti-American. Remember, persecutors have always come up with similar excuses to violate the laws, constitutions and ethics. This person is a sinner! She is a witch! He is a traitor! He is a God’s enemy! He is a danger to our people! Bull crepe.
Unfortunately, the violation of civil and constitutional rights is becoming a regular tradition in our country. This is very dangerous. Because, our government is coming up with same excuses, as the dictators and authoritarian rules do. Government is doing it for your own good. Government must protect you, this way. Otherwise, you will be in huge trouble. Our security can be seriously threatened, if this goes unchecked. There may be a slight violation of human rights, but it is for your own good. Even worse is that a very large proportion of population not only condones it, but favors it, and even demands it. What is happening to us and our country?
You know, what the basic problem is? The basic problem is that both, so called, major political parties, are not interested in the protection of civil rights, at all. Their only interest is in the agendas of their corporate sponsors. It is a sad fact that Wikileaks, with only five investigators, has leaked more information then the whole world media combined. This definitively shows the state of affairs, specially in big, corporate media, which runs the most of information systems in world. There is no doubt that they are either not doing their job or doing it very badly. They are not providing the news and information that they are supposed to. What do we do when someone doesn’t do his or her job or does it bad. Yes! We fire them. So, what need to be done in this case is that we must fire the big corporate media and whole heartedly embrace the heroes like Assange who may risk every thing, including their lives, to perform their duty; to be honest with their audience and customers. I salute him and assure him all the possible support from ExcitingAds! and other people and companies, which truly believe in constitutional rights of freedom of speech and right to information. We, who truly believe that secrecy always leads to corruption and corruption always needs the protection of secrecy, will do every thing possible to safeguard the integrity of media and information.
In the end, I demand to the government of United States and other governments, on behalf of all freedom loving people, to end this insanity against Assange and Wikileaks.
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