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Gary Johnson For President 2012, Part 6

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Some constitutionalists and civil rights advocates may be going to far in their reaction to dismal, current state of affairs, but, it is a fact that we as a nation, as a country, and as the world’s leading economy and power, have been downhill for a while, when Countries like China, India, Brazil, Russia and Australia have been growing with a very rapid face. Our debt and deficits are growing with an incredible speed, Dollar is devaluing rapidly, unemployment is high, infra-structure is crumbling and health and education standards are lagging far behind the rest of developed world. This is a very disturbing situation, specially, when both Major political parties, keep feuding on minor and useless issues and political bickering and political point scoring is the order of day. I find Democrats and Republicans, blog after blog, forum after forum, website after website, discussion after discussion, debate after debate, recklessly blaming each other for the situation. My question is, both of these parties have been alternating each other, in virtually every power structure like White House, Congress, State and local governments and nominating judges and Fed chairmen. How can this crisis be the responsibility of only one or the other? I say to all these crazy followers, to take off their colored glasses, which are showing them whole world as either blue or red. Be an American! Be patriotic! Be wise! Be smart! and think. Throw away these egoistic, idealistic and ideological biases. God has given you brain. He has given you intelligence, wisdom, knowledge and other resources. Use them. Do a little research. Find out the facts by yourself. You have access to the most powerful tool ever invented, Internet. You have no excuse, now, to be depended on mainstream media pimps, sold out politicians and biased pundits. Now, you can access Internet from almost anywhere, almost with any electronic device you have, at almost anytime. You can access it with your desktop, with your laptop, with your tablet, with your handheld device and with your cell phone. Search engines and social media like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Twitter and ExcitingAds! have made finding information extremely easy. You just have type keyword or phrase, press or click enter and boom, you have millions of matches. Quickly browse and chose results. Read, listen or watch the source of information, and their you have it.

Although, like any other source of information, Internet also has all king of information, spread over trillions of pages, worldwide. As you may imagine, these could be of different quality, biased or unbiased, researched or pure crepe, good or bad, right or wrong. Keep your eyes and brain open. Read, compare, research, think and decide for yourself. No one is always right. No one or any source of information has all the information. This is one of the major issues with idolism, idealism, ideology, celebrity worship and blind fans. They all assume that their priest, their religion, their ideology, their idol and their favorite celebrity is always right. Some how they know every thing and every thing, right. That is why, people start following celebrities from entertainment world, for example, in politics. What does a good entertainer or player has to do with expertise in politics? This person may know better, may have better resources, but, still he or she may or may not be correct. They may or may not be political experts, as well. As usual, keep your eyes, and your brain, open. Think, research, compare, analyze and then make a decision.
This is what I have learned about information analysis and science, and most probably, you would agree, too. Then, why don’t we do it? Why we are so dependent on highly deceptive corporate media? In this age of communication and information, people give different lame excuses. I don’t know. I don’t have time. Who cares. Not my problem. Doesn’t effect me. How can what ever is happening at policy making level, does not effect us? Does it make any sense? Of course not. But, big media is continuously giving us this sleeping pill. Don’t worry. Leave it on us. Don’t go anywhere. Don’t even change the channel. We have got your back. Yes, they got your back. Only difference is that they are stabbing your back. Be wise. Watch your back by yourself. Don’t leave it on the people who cannot be trusted at all.

Aren’t they the people who told us that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction? Not guessing. Not proposing. But, telling us with 100% surety. Aren’t they the ones who told us that corporate and bank bailouts were good for us, were the only solution and would solve all the problem? Aren’t they the ones who told us that Barack Obama would end the wars and bring all troops home? Aren’t they the ones who told us that deficit would be cut in half by 2008? Aren’t they the ones who told us that millions of jobs would be created, by now?

I believe, one of the major problems we have, with us, right now, is that we analyze politicians, on their very superficial statements. Media creates hype about he said and she said, and we get lost somewhere in that war of words. Remember, deeds and record are lot more important then words. Why do we even believe them when we know that they lie all the time, always change, and go with the flow. It is amazing to me, lots of people believe that Romney will repeal Obama Care even though he is the pioneer of government run healthcare in United States. Why? Because, he is saying that, now. My conclusion with this contradiction would be, either he is a liar or he cannot be trusted, at all. Many people believe that Obama will create lots of jobs in his second term. How is that going to happen? Hardly anyone has even thought about that. They are just following their ideology, political ideals, party or so called hero.

Their is no time for heroism, anymore. Vote for the guy who vetoed over 750 pieces of spending regulation, to keep his promises to the voters. Who left New Mexico, after eight years of his term limited governorship, with 1 Billion dollars in surplus and who reduced the rate to government growth, in size, to minimum.

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