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Gary Johnson For President 2012, Part 5

Okay, so, finally, Paul Ryan was picked up, as the running mate for Republican presidential candidate, Mitt Romney. Personally, I do not care, whatever he says and I believe, neither should you. Regardless what he says and pretends to be, Paul Ryan’s voting record in congress can be summarized as, “It is okay to have a big Republican government, but, it is not okay to have a big Democratic government.” Here is a summary of his voting record:
He voted for TARP; he voted for auto bailout; he voted for 2001 Airline bailout; he voted for NCLB; he voted for Medicare part D; and he voted for Patriot act.

So much for small government and spending cuts! Remember, bank bailouts, including TARP, were the biggest rip off of tax payers money, in American history and Medicare part D is one of the biggest welfare bills, in our history. How ironic is this? You consistently and repeatedly vote for big government and high spending and then you suddenly become the champion of conservative ideals.

Same is the case with Romney. He built and ran the very first and only government run health care program, in United States and now he is promising to repeal Obama care.

Unfortunately, this is not an unusual thing in Washington, now-a-days. It has become a very strong tradition there, to do just opposite of what you said or promised. See Obama. He was going to end the wars, including war on terror and bring all troops home. But, what he actually did? We still have troops in Iraq. Afghanistan war is still going on and getting worse everyday, without any progress. He went to war in Libya, without an authorization from congress and called it “no-war”. He killed American citizens without any trials. Guantanamo still exists and most detainees are still waiting there for a fair, constitutional trial. He was going to cut deficit and end balance the budget. But, deficits and debt keeps growing and budgets are more out of balance then ever.

This clearly and obviously points out to fact that there is a problem. But, what is that? Let me tell you. It is that politicians now-a-day are working for lobbies, corporations, their parties, ideologies and themselves. Ones they are not working are the ones they are supposed to work for. That is tax payers or us. They keep their fingers up in air all the time. They promise every hack in their campaigns. Say everything and anything that may please us. Just to get our votes. Why? Because without our votes they can never have that authority and power, which they can abuse and use against the interests of very own people, who voted for them.

This is insanity! How long it will keep going on? I would say, it will keep going on, as long as we keep selling our votes to big corporate media and lobbies. As long as we do not start to well inform ourselves, by reading and researching, before casting every single vote. People would say who has time for all that? I understand. We all have a lot in out plates. But, think about it. We take out time to watch TV for hours? To go for hours of window shopping? To chat for long hours, uselessly, on phones and cell phones? To listen to music? To go out for movies? I am not saying, this is all useless. But, we can certainly take out little chunks of time, out of these kind of activities and devote it to political reading and research. After all it is our constitutional responsibility, as a voter, to vote, responsibly. Constitution require a minimum age of 18 years to be eligible for voting. It is based on the assumption that most adults would use this right responsibly, as opposed to the kids.
Many would say, why should I bother? It is not my problem. I hate politics. I hate news. It does not effect me, anyways? Trust me, it all effects you and me. As a matter of fact, most of the problems that we are facing right now as a nation, as a country and as individuals, are basically because we do not vote responsibly. We rely heavily and too much on big media, which is not reliable, at all. They do not work for us. These are all owned by big corporations and work for their advertisers and profits, only. Every piece of news and every piece of information is analyzed for it’s commercial value and then decided, if it deserve to be published or not or need to be modified in anyways. What we get through big media is actually a highly censored, modified, propaganda oriented information. It is aimed at making us think, talk and act in a certain way and I have to admit they are very successful most of the time. This is not just because they are highly technical advanced and well funded, but, also because we depend on them, too much. Remember dependency, specially too much of it, on any thing or anyone is not good.
Big media is highly technical. They play with our psychology and weaknesses, very well. Think about TV news watching habits of yourself and others you know and the reasons behind those.
Most people do not watch a certain channel or newscast, because, it is timely, current, accurate, comprehensive and authentic. Most people watch an specific channel or newscast because it tells us what we want to hear or like to hear, just like sold out politicians. This approach itself has a huge flaw. It is like, you standing on a cliff and love the strong wind that is likely to blow you away, down the cliff. First of all, you should be interested in hearing, watching and learning the truth, not what you like or want. Plus, it blocks you from the information coming from other sides and makes totally ignorant of other arguments, opinions and points of view.
Many would say, I will watch the debates on TV. Trust me, TV debates are so limited in scope and are so structured that logically speaking, those are not and can never be enough.
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