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Gary Johnson For President 2012, Part 4

America was found on the principles of freedom and liberty. At the beginning, in this new world, founded and occupied with a whole bunch of adventurers and risk takers, the rules, regulations and laws were minimum and people were just not allowed, but encouraged, praised and rewarded for creativity and innovation. That was the reason why America was always the land of opportunities and inventions. The greatest discoverers, artists, scientists and business people, performed miracles, basically because they were allowed to do so, a freedom seldom available in most other parts of the world. As a matter of fact, most early explorers, adventurers and immigrants, ran away from the tyranny in the other parts of the world to the land of free.

The field was plain and leveled for all the players, and the unfair advantage to a selected class or selected people was minimum. This is why two bicycle shop owner brothers came to North Carolina and performed their craziest experiments, one after the other and competed with the heavily funded government project. In trying to fly that machine off the little hill, they virtually risked their lives, again and again. I am sure, today some law or some law enforcement would have definitively declared their acts as insanity and stopped them from running those experiments. But Wright brothers never stopped and their experiments were never hindered by ridiculous regulations. Even on that wonderful day, in 1903, most people who gathered there to watch their newest experiment, did not gather thinking that they would watch a human made machine flying. Most of them came there to have the fun of watching another failure of those insane and stupid brothers. But, to their immense surprise, they actually saw a human built machine flying. Those two crazy brothers, with a machine built with bicycle parts, beat the heavily funded, government project. Still, government has named the Air Force base, in Washington Metro area as Andrews Air force base, after the leader of looser team, which was heavily funded by tax payer dollars, instead of Wright Brothers.

But, they do not need the government recognition, anyways. They are heroes in the heart of millions of people around the world. Now, can you even imagine any life, trade and business without the presence of airplanes? Were these expeditions to moon and Mars even imaginable without their venture and success?

Similar are the stories of Railroads, light bulbs and electricity, automobiles, Pharmaceuticals and even computers, software and Internet. The greatest inventions and discoveries, that always kept America, way up on the global charts, were the fruits of free markets, American ingenuity, creativity, innovation and risk taking.

Think about it. What is the basic thought behind regulations? It is the same as religion, communism and socialism have. People are stupid, they are self destructive and they are their own enemies. If you allow them to live free and unregulated, they will create huge chaos, they will kill each other and they will cause themselves great harm. So, a bunch of smart people, known as government, must gather in a room and decide what is good for the and what is bad, for them, and how that should and shouldn’t be done.

Are people really stupid? I know that under the influence of religion, conflicting ideologies, big media and corrupt politicians, lots of people are really confused, when it comes to answer this basic question. Many may say yes.
To answer this question in a logical way, imagine this. Were all those wars, throughout the course of history, which were basically power and control battles, were waged by people or kings and lords? All that economic and social suppression, in the past and present, is done by people or governments? All those human rights violations, are the acts of governments or people?
Of course, for the most part, all that was, and is not possible, unless people participate in, and support those government ventures. But the people participation and support came out of the thinking that religious hierarchy and governments were, and are all good and it was, and is for their own good and protection. Was it? Forget about what you have heard and learned. Put away your personal religious, ethnic, cultural, national and accentual biases for a short while. Being done that, if you give a serious look to history of wars around the world, it will not take too long for you to realize that wars never benefit anyone, unless they were fought in self-defense or counter an attack or for freedom and independence.
Anti-war does not mean coward. You must be always ready to fight for your liberty and freedom. But venturing on other nations, to force your ideas on them, is certainly wrong. They, too, have a right to choose their own path, just like you. The notion that big media gives us that other ideologies, religions, ways of life, and countries and nations are barbarian, wrong and bad, and we must save them by enforcing our ideas and way of life on them, is itself a violation of our own bill of rights. Remember, all human being, not Americans, are created equal and they have certain inalienable rights, which cannot and should not be violated by anyone, including us.
I past, too, these rights were violated, because, certain religions, kings, countries, nation and groups of people thought that they had a divine or some other sort of right on other people. If we start thinking in the same way, then, what is the difference between them and us. Our global military involvement, which is, by the way largest, biggest and heaviest, in human history, is the root cause of most of these problems. It is bigger then British Empire, Socialist Soviet Union, Hitler, Mussolini and even Islamic Empire. This economic, social, cultural, ideological and military involvement, around the world is perceived as an infringement on sovereignty, and rights and freedom of the people. Remember, most other people think just like us, “They have no right to tell us, how should we live our lives”.
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